3 piece luggage set bargins

2 piece luggage setTravelling with Family

Travelling, with a family can be sure a challenge. In my case I’m a lone parent with two girls. We regularly go back to my home town to visit our folks at weekends and then it’s back to school for the girls and back to work for me after a long weekend.

We sometimes fly and sometimes drive. I drive if there’s a school holiday as having a car means that I can get around when we arrive. But flying’s quicker and taxis’ are quite cheap. So flying’s my preference.

Suitcase detail - combination lockPacking a Case

Packing is always a challenge and I have to get everything ironed and ready the night before. The two girls are still quite young 7 and 5. But I did try and get them involved and they each have their own suitcases. Watch this Youtube video on how to pack your case

I purposely went and bought a three piece luggage Set. First they all match which is great, I can spot them a mile away, when they’re coming through baggage reclaim. And then there’s the storage. When not in use I can store each bag inside the other like Russian dolls. So the storage footprint it’s kept nice and small.

It’s great to see each girl help to pack her case and then wheel it around. It makes them feel so grown up and independent. That’s so nice.

3 piece luggage setThe Classic 3 Piece Luggage Set

I like the 3 piece suitcase sets I found here 3pieceluggage.com They’re well made and they’re gonna last us a long time. Of course there will come a time when the girls get older that they’ll want something bigger. But I’ll deal with that nearer the time.

The weekends come and go much too fast but it’s so nice for my daughter’s to spend quality time with their grandparents. That time is so precious to me and can never be bought later on. So we’ll being doing many long trips which although tiring, I really enjoy and that’s the main thing.

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African Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - NudesA Garden Feature

A feature in the garden makes a lot of sense. It will act as a focal point, something visitors and you and your guests can talk about. But what can you use as the feature?

Traditionally fountains have been used tumbling into a small pond brimming with koi carp. Alternatively a rockery, with delicate mountain flowers and colorful heathers.

But we’ve found something quite unusual, it’s a sculpture. Nothing unusual about that, you say, but this is a little different. This is African Shona Sculpture.

Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture, like the ones shown here African Shona Sculpture Are like no other. Their form, their colors, their textures are all vibrant, very African. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from human forms (mother and child being very popular) to African animals and abstract forms.

The great thing about these sculptures is that they are all hand carved and hand finished. Because of this no two sculptures are ever alike.

The stone used are rocks found in Africa’s great rift valley that runs north to south through Zimbabwe. It’s so vast and there’s so much rock that the Zimbabwean sculptors will never run out of raw materials.

Shona Sculpture - Three Heads

Shona Sculpture - White BirdZimbabwe’s Heritage

Sculpture in Zimbabwe is quite an ancient tradition. Zimbabwe’s national bird is a stone bird carved many centuries ago and found in the ruins of an old ancient walled city and that was all made from stone.

The modern sculptor in Zimbabwe is a fairly recent development. It occurred in the 1950/60s when Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia and under British control. Slowly a new industry was born and sculptors began to flourish up and down the land.

Today, Shona Sculpture is exported all over the world and is highly praised for its originality of form and it’s African heritage. And now it’s quite easy to buy in this country and have a piece well packaged and delivered to your door.

Collecting Shona Sculpture

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London Interior Designers

Tower Bridge LondonInterior Designers in London

Interior Design, here in London tends to be quite well serviced with many companies vying for your business. One we particularly like is based on the outskirts of London and you can find a link to their website here kenza.co.uk

Modern Interior DesignA complete Service

They provide a complete service for any home or office but it could be quite small project as well. For example a project could consist of coming up with a colour scheme just for one room working with all the artifacts in that room and bring some cohesion to it through design. To a complete house makeover, replacing all the furniture, redecorating and changing all the soft furnishings, which includes all the curtains. The result of all that is a complete, exquisite home that looks unified from a design perspective. No project is too big or too small and all budgets can be catered for.

Modern InteriorDealing with London

One of the problems in a big city like London is parking. Tradesmen, deliveries and all the comings and goings of people can create many problems. Kenza can help in this regard and they have experience of sectioning parts of a street so that full access is available. This sometimes requires interacting with a local council to ensure no bylaws are encroached.

But London is blessed with an abundance of tradesmen, services and suppliers. If fact too many, it can be quite bewildering and confusing choosing and selecting all the right elements and tradesmen and women. Then coordinating everything to happen at the right time and in the right order can be a nightmare. That’s where Kenza’s project management skills come in. Because these have been honed over many years this coordinating step is hidden for the customer, who just sees the whole process unfold to completion.


So you will find that London Interior Design services are well catered for by Kenza Design.

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Light Tents

Light tent - Sweet Peppers

Still Life Photography

When taking still life shots with your camera, it’s all about composition and lighting. You are in control and you create the image that you want to take. Ultimately you are an artist with a camera. It takes time and patience to master these techniques and to become the master. By master we mean that you and not the equipment is in control, not the other way around.

With still life, you can tell a story and what you chose as a background becomes as important as the subject you’re about to shoot. You need to consider if the background should be prominent or just fade away into nothingness. You achieve this with props but mainly with the control of lighting – various softboxes, spots and snoots. To paint with light and to create the drama between the foreground (the main subject in the photo) and the background. This interplay between the two requires your creativity and this will come as you develop as the artist. With your own preferred style that you create.

light tent - beer bottle and glassThe Photo Light Tent

There are times when a more formal still life image is required. I thinking here of product photography. Where the image needs the same careful posing and lighting but where the background needs to be removed. And for that you need a Photographers Light Tent, like the ones shown here Light Tent

The light tent removes all noise from the background and makes the subject the one and only element in the frame. This is desired result as the subject is key and we’re trying to remove any annoying reflections. This is more difficult if the subject is very shiny as it picks up reflections from in front of the camera and reflects them straight back. But you can control this to a certain extent by changing your camera angle.

light tent - spectaclesDevelop Your Style

But remember practice makes perfect and as you perfect your technique you’ll develop your own style. Which will be pleasing to you and to your appealing to your customers.

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Learning for Fun

Continuous Learning

Learning is a key part of human development. We all benefit from a continuous flow of information and knowledge that we process and assimilate. That ultimately fulfills us and exercises the mind at the same time.

The mind needs a constant set of stimulus (as in learning new things and skills) otherwise it becomes static and boring. It starts to lose its grip. I tend to think the learning ends when we finish high school, or a little later when we complete our college education in our early adult years. After that we work. But that’s not necessarily how it should be and learning as part of any daily physical exercise should become part of your training regimen to a healthy body.

After College

The good thing is that now learning after the school and college years is now more accessible than ever and we should all be able to find a college or institute that has adult classes. And these can now offer a bewildering range of subjects and diverse set of courses, from which to choose. Now’s a great time to explore what’s out there.

However not all of us are able or inclined to learn for learning’s sake. But we must all find a way of reducing the amount of tv we watch. TV is the great time waster of our age. So many man hours are spent in front of them. Far more time than is spent doing a day’s work – that’s a lot of hours.

Other Mind Activities

Hobbies, clubs, sports. Almost anything is better than sitting for hours, snacking and just consuming mind numbing content. Hobbies, clubs and societies, especially the ones you’re really passionate about will occupy you in many ways. But the main thing is that your exercising you brain the way it needs to be exercised by learning, rationalizing, assimilating. A constant feedback loop for nourishing your mind.