3 piece luggage set bargins

2 piece luggage setTravelling with Family

Travelling, with a family can be sure a challenge. In my case I’m a lone parent with two girls. We regularly go back to my home town to visit our folks at weekends and then it’s back to school for the girls and back to work for me after a long weekend.

We sometimes fly and sometimes drive. I drive if there’s a school holiday as having a car means that I can get around when we arrive. But flying’s quicker and taxis’ are quite cheap. So flying’s my preference.

Suitcase detail - combination lockPacking a Case

Packing is always a challenge and I have to get everything ironed and ready the night before. The two girls are still quite young 7 and 5. But I did try and get them involved and they each have their own suitcases. Watch this Youtube video on how to pack your case

I purposely went and bought a three piece luggage Set. First they all match which is great, I can spot them a mile away, when they’re coming through baggage reclaim. And then there’s the storage. When not in use I can store each bag inside the other like Russian dolls. So the storage footprint it’s kept nice and small.

It’s great to see each girl help to pack her case and then wheel it around. It makes them feel so grown up and independent. That’s so nice.

3 piece luggage setThe Classic 3 Piece Luggage Set

I like the 3 piece suitcase sets I found here 3pieceluggage.com They’re well made and they’re gonna last us a long time. Of course there will come a time when the girls get older that they’ll want something bigger. But I’ll deal with that nearer the time.

The weekends come and go much too fast but it’s so nice for my daughter’s to spend quality time with their grandparents. That time is so precious to me and can never be bought later on. So we’ll being doing many long trips which although tiring, I really enjoy and that’s the main thing.

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