African Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - NudesA Garden Feature

A feature in the garden makes a lot of sense. It will act as a focal point, something visitors and you and your guests can talk about. But what can you use as the feature?

Traditionally fountains have been used tumbling into a small pond brimming with koi carp. Alternatively a rockery, with delicate mountain flowers and colorful heathers.

But we’ve found something quite unusual, it’s a sculpture. Nothing unusual about that, you say, but this is a little different. This is African Shona Sculpture.

Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture, like the ones shown here African Shona Sculpture Are like no other. Their form, their colors, their textures are all vibrant, very African. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from human forms (mother and child being very popular) to African animals and abstract forms.

The great thing about these sculptures is that they are all hand carved and hand finished. Because of this no two sculptures are ever alike.

The stone used are rocks found in Africa’s great rift valley that runs north to south through Zimbabwe. It’s so vast and there’s so much rock that the Zimbabwean sculptors will never run out of raw materials.

Shona Sculpture - Three Heads

Shona Sculpture - White BirdZimbabwe’s Heritage

Sculpture in Zimbabwe is quite an ancient tradition. Zimbabwe’s national bird is a stone bird carved many centuries ago and found in the ruins of an old ancient walled city and that was all made from stone.

The modern sculptor in Zimbabwe is a fairly recent development. It occurred in the 1950/60s when Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia and under British control. Slowly a new industry was born and sculptors began to flourish up and down the land.

Today, Shona Sculpture is exported all over the world and is highly praised for its originality of form and it’s African heritage. And now it’s quite easy to buy in this country and have a piece well packaged and delivered to your door.

Collecting Shona Sculpture

A brief history of Shona Sculpture