Australian International School Malaysia reaches the top

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) is proud to see its students excel in their New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC) 2021 examination, as one of the best Australian International Schools in the world.

This year’s outstanding performance sees around 50% of the results in the top two groups: Groups 5 (scores above 80%) and 6 (scores above 90%).

That’s a whopping 34% increase over last year. Additionally, approximately 17% of students reached the highest bands with scores over 90% and are touted as the best in school history.

Meanwhile, 36% of IALA students have been awarded Distinguished Achievers status for achieving an A grade in the highest band for one or more courses.

In addition to this, an outstanding student is on the honor roll for Chemistry, English Ext.1, English Ext.2, Legal Studies, as well as Advanced Mathematics and was also awarded the Top Award Achiever and world second place for English Extension 2.

IALA student Priyanka Krishna received the Top Achiever award and ranked 2nd globally for English Extension 2.

50/50 evaluation method

Ranked among the top 100 schools in New South Wales, according to the NSW Education Standards Authority, IALA offers a holistic and comprehensive education based on research and data as one of the first to introduce visible learning into its program.

IALA follows the Australian curriculum and recognizes the central importance of disciplinary knowledge, skills and understanding, soft skills and cross-cutting priorities.

Citing this, the HSC is based on a 50/50 assessment method, with half of the final grade made up of homework, exams, and school projects, and the other half from an external assessment.

The course is completed in the 11th and 12th year of the student’s study period, which offers flexibility, a wide range of subjects and an assessment approach similar to that of a university experience.

As such, IALA prepares its students for academic programs as well as visible learning approach, holistic teaching and learning methods to differentiate its students from the crowd.

Prepare students for future success

With academic performance at IALA going from strength to strength as well as an Australian curriculum accepted by most of the world’s top universities, the school wishes all 2021 IALA graduates the best for their future.

Trained and taught at one of Malaysia’s most prestigious schools through an educational framework that has prepared them to utilize their full potential, IALA believes it prepares its students to succeed in any career path in which they choose to engage.

If you want your child to grow up in an environment conducive to a growth mindset and holistic education, IALA might be the right choice for you.

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