Brian Talma wants to have an international school in Silver Sands

International surfer Brian “De Action Man” Talma has big plans for Christ Church East and as a result, he has boldly stepped into the political arena for tomorrow’s 2022 General Election.

Discuss with Buckle, the independent candidate explained that if elected, his plans will focus on organic tourism and this comes at a time when community-based tourism is a big and growing business globally.

“The goal is organic tourism, which means working within the community and promoting businesses within the community to create healthy minds, a thriving and safe community and working alongside businesses and of international companies.

“So the vision is that it’s organic, so people will have this mindset that you buy your vegetables from people in the neighborhood, you go to the local department store which would be Mike’s or Buffy’s. You work within the community and spend money within the community, so it’s just a concept,” he explained.

My sports vision is that we start an international professional beach culture cricket league

Having privately taught young people in the Silver Sands community for around 30 years, Talma has revealed her vision for education is to open an international school in the area.

“But in terms of education, you have St Christopher’s school just down the street, but my vision is to put a school here, an international school. So there will be children from outside and from the area. So people will be able to stay in the apartments when their parents come and it’s not just for five months or six months, it’s around the year, a school year. So my vision is to have a school here in Silver Sands but international, from primary to tertiary but you teach these [water] sports and you teach languages, then you teach geography and you go from Barbados to Italy. It’s almost like an exchange program, but more so where people from international places stay within the community.”

And instead of building separate dormitories for housing and accommodation, he stressed that this activity would be entrusted to the community of Silver Sands. Local businesses in the area, especially apartment owners, would enjoy these long-term benefits.

“My vision also which I’m really proud of at Silver Sands, the majority of apartments here are owned by locals. My vision is that we have a stake in this tourism sector.”

As for sports other than surfing, kite surfing and other water sports, he floated the idea of ​​also organizing an international professional beach culture cricket tour, which Talma says will only benefit not just to people in the Silver Sands area but in Bathsheba. and other beaches.

“My vision for the sport is that we start an international professional beach culture cricket league that you go here to Silver Sands you go to Bathsheba you keep the community part of the economic process so that there has money to do with a professional sport So when you’re doing beach culture cricket you show all that kite surfing, windsurfing and then you show the sea but that’s the base image that you put in cricket that you’re going to blow up internationally. We should have a professional league beach cricket and then you go to all the other beaches.”

He added that within his target market of teenagers and young adults, he is focused on re-energizing the community and re-engaging people in sport, especially after the overwhelming impact of this pandemic.

“The key too, my vision is to get the communities around the surf spots to play sports. That’s the problem. Ten, twenty years ago they were part of it. Now they don’t. Not so much anymore. My vision is to reinvigorate that part of the community. My target market is people between the ages of 16 and 25.