Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

The Humble Kettle

These variable temperature kettles are a great idea for a Christmas present. They turn the humble kettle into a really useful gadget for heating water.

Most of us use stove kettles, some of us have ventured into the realms of electric kettles. But these kettles do just one thing – they boil water. Do you want to know how a kettle works – take a look here.

That’s perfect, that’s just what they’re supposed to do. And is what they’ve been doing for thousands of years.

How about a Variable Temperature Kettle

variable temperature kettleBut just suppose your kettle could heat water to say any temperature without any guesswork. Set the temperature you want and the kettle does the rest. This turns the kettle into something quite useful.

It will of course boil water, when that’s what you need. A simple gadget for boiling water just became more versatile. It’s now a gadget in the kitchen that just got a whole lot better.

These are available right now and you can read more here at electric kettle with temperature control And find out more.

Perfect Present for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching and good present ideas hard to find, a kettle where you can set the temperature is both novel and useful too. For the ideal Christmas kettle look no further than here kettle for a Christmas present

Coffee Drinkers

instant coffeeDid you know that those of us that like coffee and let’s face it those fancy coffee makers are quite expensive to buy and run. So the majority of us make do with instant coffee.

Nothing wrong with that and there are some excellent instant blends out there. The problem is that we kill that instant coffee the moment we add boiling water to the powder or granules.

You see you’re not supposed to make your favorite beverage with boiling water. It scolds the coffee and gives it a bitter taste. The solution is to use very hot water – not boiling water.

Set your variable temperature kettle to 205 to 210 F (95 to 99 C). This will make your cup of instant coffee taste much better. And these variable temperature kettles are worth the price just for this alone.

Tea Drinkers

tea makingCoffee is more temperature tolerant than tea. So if your favorite beverage is tea then a temperature controlled kettle is a must. If you want to get the very best cup of tea you can get.

Tea flavors are more subtle than coffee flavors and using water that’s too hot does a serious injustice to your cup of tea.

Green tea and white tea from South east Asia are seven more delicate and subtle and you need to be very precise to make the perfect beverage.

Tea covers a large array of different drinks all made from aromatic leaves of plants. Different spices, flowers and fruits can be added to enrich the flavors. And each type or of tea will have its ideal brewing temperature and brewing time. You can find some of the more common types of tea and how they should be have here

If you know someone that likes instant coffee or that likes exotic far eastern teas and you’re trying to think off an ideal gift this Christmas. Well we’ve just found the most ideal gift for you. Here’s that link again to the best variable temperature kettle for this Christmas.