Fairgreen International School offers a stimulating high quality education

Fairgreen International School is a pioneering educational community, whose mission is to embrace and promote sustainability in all its forms. Developed to give students a future-oriented education, Fairgreen aims to inspire future generations to have a positive impact on the world as ambassadors of sustainability.

Fairgreen’s stimulating academic environment motivates students to be agents of change and helps them grow as critical, solution-oriented thinkers. An extensive program of arts and crafts, sports and extracurricular activities completes its academic offer. This holistic approach to the child, with differentiated teaching and learning, promotes the development and well-being of each student.

From our architecture to our student-centered curriculum, sustainability is at the heart of our school, weaving its way into our educational program, teaching students to examine and influence the environmental, social and economic impact of our collective, current actions. and future.

Fairgreen International School is an IB World School, one of the few in Dubai to be licensed for the full continuum of IB international education. The continuum includes the primary program, the secondary program, the career-related program and the diploma program. Fairgreen’s curriculum also aligns with National English Curriculum Standards in English, Math, and Science.

IB schools operate with a philosophy and commitment to providing a challenging, high-quality international education.

IB programs are considered the gold standard by universities, with graduates fully prepared for the challenges of higher education. An IB course is based on the values ​​described in the learner profile and:

● Learner-centred: IB student-centred programs promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge

● Develops effective approaches to teaching and learning: IB programs help students develop the attitudes and skills they need to succeed both academically and personally in the 21st century

● Works in global contexts: IB programs enhance understanding of languages ​​and cultures and explore ideas and issues of global significance

● Explores important content: IB programs offer a broad and balanced curriculum that is conceptual and connected.