Framingham Teachers’ Union, school board and administration reach agreement on education supports due to COVID exposure in schools

Jhe was from the school district


The Framingham School Board, Administration and the Framingham Teachers Association (FTA) have reached an agreement on supporting access to education where a pupil is absent due to of documented school exposure to COVID-19, resulting in quarantine.

School-based exposure is defined as exposure to COVID-19 at school, on the school bus, or during a school-sponsored extracurricular activity.

Below is a summary of the MOA – but you can also read the PDF document here: MOA supports quarantined students

  • Educators will determine when they provide non-interactive access to educator-led instruction.
  • Educators will provide self-directed assignments for quarantined students to complete at home and the assignments will be posted to Google Classroom or Canvas.
  • Educators are not intended or expected to provide a full day, full period, or full lesson.
  • During or after the student’s absence, time will be provided for a teacher-student recording.
  • The work provided to students supports their learning and does not replace in-person classroom instruction by their teacher. It is in the student’s best interest to minimize the amount of work required upon returning to in-person instruction, but some remedial work may be required.
  • Educators can choose to record a lesson to use with a student. Recording of audio or video sessions by students, parents, guardians or others is strictly prohibited.
  • All students (and staff) who exhibit COVID-19-like symptoms will stay home.

As we work together to manage many complicated aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask for patience and kindness. When teachers learn that students are out of school with COVID or in quarantine due to school-based exposure to COVID, they will contact families.

Families and students themselves are also encouraged to contact their teachers directly for support. Two-way communication has always been important, but to ensure that no child is left behind during this relentless pandemic, we will need to strengthen this bond between home and school through the cooperation of staff and families. We can – and will – persevere through this passing storm.