Green Bay Chappell Elementary, Washington Middle School, Minoka-Hill High School Curriculum Moves to Online Learning

GREEN BAY – Chappell Elementary, Washington Middle School and the Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill High School program are switching to virtual learning on Thursday due to a “critical” staffing shortage in schools, according to a letter sent by the district to parents .

Thursday will be a self-directed learning day for students and virtual learning will continue Friday and Monday at each school. Students were asked to take the materials home after school on Wednesday to have online learning the rest of the week.

Chappell Elementary, Washington Middle School and Minoka-Hill School’s high school program, which has about 1,130 students in total, are the first schools in the Green Bay area public school district to transition to online classes this school year. lack of available staff.

The district told families they should be prepared for the possibility of other schools also taking virtual instruction, as teacher absences hit record numbers after returning from winter vacation.

As of Wednesday evening, 31 staff and students at Chappell Elementary, 59 staff and students at Washington Middle School, and 14 students and staff at Minoka-Hill School reported being in self-isolation or quarantine. About 304 staff across the district were in quarantine or in isolation, the district COVID-19 dashboard shows.

Meal pickup will be at Gate 6 of Chappell and Washington Middle School from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on all three days. Minoka-Hill High School students should contact the school if they wish to have a meal.

If a large number of teachers are still absent by the end of Monday, the borough will notify families by 9 p.m. if virtual learning will extend through Tuesday.

Chappell Elementary is on North Fisk Street on the west side of Green Bay near HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital. Washington Middle School is on South Baird Street on the east side of town. Minoka-Hill School is on North Roosevelt Street on the east side of Green Bay.

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