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fluffy woolI didn’t know Home Water Softener’s did that?

When staying with my partner’s parents for the first time, it was quite a nerve racking experience. All these things going through my mind “will they like me?” Will I say something that I’ll regret later? “Will the whole visit be a success or failure?”

Well as often happens most times both parents were really nice and made me more than welcome. There were those tricky moments but I could see that they were in the same place as me trying to make a good impression without scaring me away.

Well it was a delightful weekend but I was glad to get back home again. Although my next visit won’t be anywhere near as traumatic. My partner then asked me if I’d noticed anything different over the weekend? I hadn’t and I asked him to explain.

towels washed wtih soft waterThe Water in Their House was Different

“The water”, he said “Did you notice how nice it was?” I had to recollect, it wasn’t my main concern during the weekend so I said that “I had”. But I didn’t realize what his point was. After all water is water?

Well six weeks later we were invited over again. It was a family gathering and I was to get to meets my partners brothers, sisters and various in-laws. This time I wasn’t nervous and I had a ball in the process. The weather was sunny and we had a barbecue and everyone was so nice but I failed to take in all their names.

This time I really did notice the water. It was actually softer than our water and it was nicer to wash with. I noticed it on my skin and especially when I washed my hair. It’s difficult to express properly but you just feel cleaner and more presentable – I know that sounds weird.

Home Water Softeners and how to get it

My partner then told me they had a soft water filter fitted to the water supply that goes into the house. They had it fitted 15 years ago and he always noticed that the difference immediately when he went somewhere else. The water was always a bit more challenging.

I was “sold” on the idea, so we decided to have the same type device fitted at our place. I found a site on the internet that lists the best ones, you can see it here Benefits of a Water SoftenerAnd what a lovely surprise it was when we first used it. It is so nice, hard to describe but hard water is definitely not something I will want to go back to.

soap bubbleOther Benefits from Soft Water

Oh, and did I mention my clothes? They’re improved washing in soft water makes them feel softer. Another bonus that I wasn’t expecting. Very pleased with what it does and we only have to replace the blocks of table salt that it uses to keep the water soft. Benefits of a Water Softener

The salt is very cheap and allows to the unit to regenerate, which it does automatically with the salt block in place. So it just works and there’s very little we have to do to keep it running.

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