Human Academy Japanese Language School’s Online E-Commerce Platform Now Equipped with Multi-Currency Credit Card Payment Function

TOKYO, December 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Human Academy Japanese Language School, the Japanese education division of an education company, Human Academy Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyowill introduce a multi-currency credit card payment function on its latest e-commerce platform “Human Academy Japanese Language School Plus” to provide more options for learning Japanese other than physical attendance at schools based in Tokyo, Osaka and Saga. The payment function will also allow users to pay through the convenience store payment function, which is very convenient for non-natives.



In the meantime, “Human Academy Japanese Language School Plus” will add several courses available for purchase, including “Japanese Beginner Basic”, a general Japanese course consisting of 20 hours of video footage and computer-based automatic grading exercises. In addition, the program will include a JLPT preparatory course, a business Japanese course, a business Japanese course for the IT industry and much more to meet the needs of acquiring Japanese skills not only in general, but also for the search for job opportunities in Japan.

– Human Academy Plus Japanese language school

“KARUTA” is the latest media produced by the Japanese language school Human Academy to spread the joy of learning about Japan and Japanese. Its readers can access high quality informative articles to learn more about Japanwhich are all made under the concept of “Let’s get to know Japan with pleasure !”

It supports multiple languages ​​such as Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Portuguese. Currently, the school has published about 70 articles and video clips, and plans to increase the content in the future.


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Since its creation in Osaka in 1987 as a Japanese language institution for non-natives, the school has supported international students wishing to enroll in institutions of higher education such as Japanese universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools for over 30 years, and has supported 16,000 students so far (the same number of graduates as in March 2020). In addition, the institution provided corporate training to improve Japanese communication, such as understanding business etiquette, corporate culture, work attitudes, etc. for local businesses to retain non-Japanese employees who are increasingly becoming an important labor force due to globalization. In both areas, the school has been highly appreciated by its customers.

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