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As President of the Academy of International Affairs and Public Service, Cadet Captain Diba Bhuiyan briefs retired Lt. Col. Ring on the first steps in the process of planning an upcoming voyage.
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By Cadet 1st Lt. Keyrstyn Drake and Cadet Pfc. Juda Zaragoza

Wiesbaden High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

WIESBADEN, Germany — Wiesbaden High School has introduced a new program this year called “Academies.” The program is designed to combine the elements of a study hall and an after-school club into one. It focuses on providing leadership opportunities and time for students to explore their interests.

One of the academies is the Academy of International Affairs and Public Service, which is divided into six categories. The Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Army Senior Instructor, retired Lt. Col. Jon Ring, leads the military and travel group, which focuses on travel across Europe to see and study historical military sites.

Several students from this academy are JROTC cadets on the staff of Wiesbaden High School’s Warrior Battalion. Since this academy is run by students, many battalion leaders learn how to plan a trip for a group, a valuable skill for their leadership positions within the battalion.

IAPSA is currently planning a trip to Nuremberg, the location of the infamous Nuremberg Trials that decided the fate of some Axis leaders after World War II. The purpose of the trip is to study the Nuremberg trials and where they took place. In preparation for the excursion to Nuremberg, students learn about both the logistics of planning a great trip and the history of the destination.

Designated students within the military and travel group research high-level trials and will act as tour guides. A few will also be selected to participate in test simulations before leaving on the trip. This is intended to fully convey the intensity of the trials to the participants.

IAPS President Cadet Captain Diba Bhuiyan said, “Living in Germany is a unique experience and we are very lucky to be able to learn more about the deep history. I’m very excited about our trip to Nuremberg to learn more about the test.”

The local office of the Judge Advocate General works with the IAPSA Military and Travel Group. A number of JAG soldiers will act as mentors for the academy – helping in the process and providing additional historical facts to students. This partnership will also expose students within the group to the work JAG soldiers do, with the goal of opening career paths and interests to students.

Captain Dee DeQuattro, a local JAG officer, commented on the partnership, “We are excited to engage with students, share some of our experience and help shape our future leaders. »