Phoenix House International School | Life

With a maximum of 16-18 students in all grades, this international Primary school for children from 5 to 11 years old ensures that every student has the support they need need to flourish. Fletcher goes on to talk about learning:

“The Phoenix House program is based on the National Curriculum in England, well structured, flexible framework from which teachers plan study units to interest and challenge their students. A spiral approach allows students to build on prior learning and incorporate strong basic English and math skills while developing in-depth knowledge of science, human sciences and arts”.

With a energetic equipped with outstanding teachers, and modern facilities such as rich and multilingual library, professional level dance studio, art gallery and large gymnasium, Phoenix House offers students the exceptional foundations they need flourish independently and well balanced young people. It’s strong program and ambition to develop the character and trust sits on his heart, providing sound stepping stone to UK schools and universities and around the world.

The school proudly opened its doors in 2021, but its motto “Alis Grave Nil” (nothing is too much for those who have wings) will continue to shine in the minds of generations of students to come.