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Real-Life Learning at XAA New American International School

XCL American Academy is ready to welcome the first students who will delight in the world-class facilities of this international American school, its internationally recognized programs and its real learning

XCL American Academy (XAA) is the newest American international school in Singapore and in August this year it will be ready to welcome its first cohort of students aged 2-14. XAA will offer a unique American program with world-class facilities at an affordable price. Students here will benefit from internationally recognized programs such as Everyday Math, Inspired Science, a balanced approach to literacy, and Pioneer Town, an exciting real-life experiential learning program!

Pioneer Town at XAA: Real-Life Learning

XAA believes that real-life learning is important for all students, even the youngest. Thus, elementary school students will participate in Pioneer Town – a unique experiential learning program that allows children to learn practical subjects such as business, marketing, communication, civics, leadership and Moreover !

Teach real life skills in financial literacy and philanthropy

The Pioneer Town program gives students the chance to work in teams on different entrepreneurial projects throughout the school year. They will learn about market research, product design, business development, and other aspects of starting and running a business. Students are given the opportunity to decide what to do with the profits from entrepreneurial projects and often charitable work is incorporated, giving children a real sense of the difference they can make in a community. In this way, the Pioneer Town program has been shown to improve children’s financial literacy and instill a more positive attitude towards community and philanthropy.

What better way to give children the taste of being a leader of tomorrow!

Want to learn more about how your child can benefit from an American curriculum and real learning at XAA? Contact us today or book a personalized tour of the school’s world-class facilities.

American XCL Academy2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, Tel. : (65) 6850 5131 or [email protected].

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