Tessa International School: Training future global leaders

There has never been a time like today when international cooperation is so vital in an ever-connected world. Schools consider how they teach students to become engaged global citizens, not just citizens of their own community. Tessa International School in Hoboken provides a unique setting for children to experience four great cultures with the goal of preparing them to become global leaders. Keep reading to learn more about the school and the exclusive offer for hoboken girl readers.

Tessa Hoboken

It’s never too early (or too late) to learn

Children are never too young to learn a new language and luckily for Hudson County, Tessa International School now accepting students of all language levels in Spanish, French and Mandarin from Kindergarten to Grade 3 starting in September.

In elementary school, each child’s curriculum includes English with intensive Spanish, French or Mandarin lessons depending on each individual’s level, as well as special lessons in visual arts, STEAM, laboratory, physical education, theater and music.

Tessa International School offers education and community like no other. Through understanding and respect, we aim to develop curious, knowledgeable and caring children of the world, and the future leaders of tomorrow,” said Kathleen Visconti. hoboken girl. “We incorporate best practices from around the world into our curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate, Yale Center for Social and Emotional Learning, Mathematics from Singapore, French National Curriculum, and curricula from Spanish-speaking and Chinese countries.”


International teachers provide a world-class education

Tessa’s teachers create a multicultural community energetic, experienced, open-minded and committed education professionals.

“AT Tessa, we offer a world-class education, based on the most successful international models. Our international educators are empowered to thrive in their profession by sharing, studying and adapting educational practices from around the world to their classrooms,” said Kathleen Visconti. “Our teachers are trained and experienced instructors from the United States, France, Spain, China, Mexico, and a wide geography of Spanish, Chinese, and French-speaking countries.”


The program for future citizens of the world

AT Tessa International, families can choose from Spanish, Mandarin, and French immersion programs. Students are challenged and encouraged as they are taught through an 80% language immersion in K-K classes, which transitions to a 50% bilingual style in primary grades.

Tessa follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum in conjunction with the official French National Curriculum, while curricula from Spanish-speaking and Chinese countries are integrated into NJ State standards. This provides a solid educational foundation for children from the age of two. Classes are currently offered up to Grade 3 with plans to extend to Grade 5.

“Children are our future and at Tessa we help them strengthen their voice and encourage empathy and optimism. We know how important international cooperation and understanding is for the future of our world,” said Kathleen Visconti.

“We prepare children to be 21st century leaders and happy global citizens. Students embrace the world with enthusiasm, confidence and a strong desire to make a difference.


Students learn to embrace the world with confidence. In addition to an international curriculum, children are encouraged to develop understanding and respect for others.

“It’s amazing to see their minds open to challenges, opportunities and diversity. With over 40 countries represented in our community, our students are constantly immersed in different cultures and learn to accept and love our differences,” said Kathleen Visconti. hoboken girl. That’s nice to look at. They are made aware of environmental and social awareness from an early age.

At Tessa, children are introduced to other languages ​​and cultures to enhance their cultural awareness, teaching them to be bilingual and culturally adaptable. Social and emotional development is emphasized in the classroom in conjunction with solid academic learning.


Meet the founder: Isabelle Bonneau

Founded in 2017, Tessa International School had been in the making for years before the doors opened. In 2007, Isabelle Bonneau launched Be Lingual, a leading language program for schools and a language immersion summer camp. Before creating Tessa, Isabelle worked internationally for eight years for an international financial consulting firm. She holds an MBA from the Booth School of Business (University of Chicago). For her undergraduate degrees, she studied at ESCP Europe in France, the UK and Germany, and holds business degrees from each of the three countries.


Born and raised in France, Isabelle moved to the Tri-State region in 2001. She is immersed in an international environment as her husband is a Greek Cypriot. Her teenage son speaks three languages, attends one of the best bilingual schools in town, and loves different cultures. “I believe that teaching languages ​​can give children better communication skills and help them develop self-confidence and adaptability, assets that serve both children and adults, both in their professional careers and in their everyday life,” Isabelle said.

Meet the school principal: Kathleen Visconti

Tessa’s The school principal, Kathleen Visconti, joined the team in 2020. Kathleen has a real passion for excellence in bilingual education. She began her career as a special education teacher, focusing on emotional and learning differences. She then moved to Europe, Italy and Germany, where she taught primary school. Since returning to the United States, she has held leadership positions at various schools, leading enrollment and family communication, at several renowned independent schools, including Washington International School, United Nations International School, Farbrook School in Short Hills and most recently The Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, one of the most diverse schools in the country.

Kathleen holds a bachelor’s degree in special education and K-8 education, a master’s degree in administration and supervision, and a principal’s certification in New York City. She is a national figure in the independent school world and often presents national and international creative outreach workshops.

“Never has there been a moment in recent human history that needs a global perspective more. We have been through so much, not only with the pandemic, but also in society’s ability to deal with all people with dignity and acceptance,” said Kathleen Visconti. hoboken girl. “What a gift our global community has Tessa East! Our children learn the lessons of the learner profile daily – communicator, researcher, thinker, risk taker, principled, caring, open-minded, balanced, reflective – traits that will carry us all into the future.


Tessa International School is located at 720 Monroe Street in the Monroe Center in Hoboken. You can CLICK HERE to email or call 201-755-5585 with questions. Don’t forget you can receive $500 off tuition for the 2021-22 school year by completing this form and apply here before August 15.