Wayland 2022 Candidate Profile: Craig Gruber, School Committee

WAYLAND, MA — In 2022, voters in Wayland will have a choice of two new candidates for the school council: Erin Gibbons and Craig Gruber. Incumbent Kim Reichelt withdrew from the race in March.

Gruber is an executive officer in the US Navy Defense Intelligence Agency and Associate Professor at American University. He also served on the Lincoln-Sudbury school committee in 2017 and 2018 before moving to Wayland.

Wayland Patch sent Gruber and Gibbons a questionnaire to the candidates to let voters get to know them better. Here is how Gruber responded:

name: Craig Gruber
Age: 54
Occupation: Professor and military officer
Wayland School Links: Children in 4th, 6th and 10th grade
Experience as elected official: Former member of the Lincoln-Sudbury school committee.

Why are you running for a seat on the Wayland School Board?

I want to contribute my experience, professional expertise and background as an educator and psychologist to ensure that Wayland continues to be one of the best and most successful districts in the Commonwealth.

What is the biggest problem facing public schools in Wayland and what would you do about it?

Respect. It seems that people don’t take the time to stop and listen to each other, but rather to make decisions and find solutions in search of a problem. We need to stop, take time and listen to all members of the community, and make it a point to reach out to the community, so that we can make thoughtful and informed decisions, keeping in mind the 2nd and 3rd order effects thereof. the decisions.

DESE lifted its mask requirement earlier this year, but the coronavirus continues to circulate widely in Wayland and Massachusetts, and there will likely be outbreaks next winter. Would you like a mask mandate back? Why or why not?

I support the continuation of science. We would have to consult with doctors, epidemiologists and public health professionals to make an informed decision that would be guided by science to ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment for students, teachers/staff and families .

If you could snap your fingers and fix or change one thing in the school system, what would it be?

Civility and understanding. I always assume a noble intention. If we all expected the best from each other, we would have a more respectful and understanding environment.

Wayland 2022 Candidate Profile: Craig Gruber, School Committee originally appeared on the Wayland crest