A new international school in Spain’s Valencia region combines British teaching standards with a creative experience for children

A brand new international school with an innovative teaching method has opened its doors in the region of the city of Valencia.

Shackleton International School in Burjassot is an extension of the Superfriends English crèche which for the past decade has provided early learning for young people up to the age of six.

Shackleton CEO Vanessa Cabrelles said, “We live in a changing world that requires a new approach to learning and communication while maintaining humanity and high ethical standards.

“When Superfriends Nursery was launched, parents asked for something to be created that would maintain schooling after their children turned six, and that’s how Shackleton was created.”


The school is named in honor of explorer Ernest Shackleton, who with a combination of integrity, leadership and determination is considered a historical model.

Shackleton now caters for children aged 3-11, which in the UK is the upper end of the primary school spectrum.

“We will then add an additional age group every 12 months as we take the children through the equivalent of high school,” Cabrelles added.

Shackleton has ten teachers who have all worked within the UK school system with the appropriate qualifications.

Cabrelles explained, “Education in this country hasn’t changed in 100 years and is geared towards fear of failure.”

“And we understand that kids don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes because they learn and grow and mature from that, not just in school work, but in life in general.”

Shackleton 4

The school’s philosophy is to inspire confidence in young people by encouraging creative thinking and talent.

This includes speaking a language other than Spanish; and using the latest teaching methods based on the British education system.

“The Shackleton School, adopting the British model, emphasizes practical and intuitive training as well as the promotion of teamwork and regular monitoring of the child’s progress,” said Cabrelles.

Shackleton will operate under three main principles to get the best out of every child:


This involves teaching core values ​​such as solidarity, respect, resilience and taking responsibility in addition to creative, critical and collaborative thinking.


Shackleton considers knowledge and cognitive abilities to be as important as developing good social and communication skills. Teaching public speaking, as well as stress management and money management are part of the program.


Children will learn the balance between “body” and “mind” to have a good lifestyle.

Cabrelles said, “Students will learn about healthy eating as well as the importance of exercise in addition to promoting relaxation and good mental health by reducing stress.”

Shackleton 5

There have already been a fair number of children enrolled in Shackleton, many of whom have been to Superfriends.

Shackleton’s goal is simple, Cabrelles says.

“We want young people to ask parents during the holidays how long is left before going back to school.”

“We offer every student the opportunity to develop their skills and stimulate their learning, which includes the freedom to be creative by providing all the support necessary.”

Further details are available via the website, shackletonschool.com or via the Facebook page, Shackleton International School.