A rewarding primary education awaits you at Nexus International School Singapore

In a complex and changing world, it takes more than knowledge to continually push the limits of one’s thinking. Developing out-of-the-box solutions to challenges, whether inside or outside the classroom, begins at an early age. A study in 2019, the OECD school observation found that innovative practices in primary education are associated with stability and positive learning outcomes.

To Nexus International School (Singapore), young minds are nurtured through a transdisciplinary approach that fully facilitates a creative and process-oriented education. The key to this method is “The Nexus methoda holistic guiding philosophy that includes mindsets, innovation, inclusion and relationships. It encourages young learners to find and solve problems in different situations.

The school recognizes that truly innovative primary education is about more than technology. Most importantly, children need to feel supported in their abilities to find unique solutions to the challenges they face. It is this attitude that allows them to take ownership of their learning, thereby developing a growth mindset that is essential for adaptability in a world of accelerating change.

Inquiry-based learning

Children are naturally curious beings who are constantly exploring how the world works and how they relate to it in their immediate environment. The Global Nexus Primary school offers a rich, dynamic and forward-looking framework for learners ages 3-11 to build a strong foundation in essential skills such as reading, writing, numbers and scientific understanding.

To foster an international perspective in young learners, Nexus adopts the globally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP). study programme. Taught in over 109 countries around the world, the PYP is one of the world’s most transferable programs that fosters learning agility in learners, allowing them to make connections in the application of knowledge outside of the classroom.

Nexus learners are offered a wide range of topics that fuel the passion, creativity and curiosity that spark inventive thinking. Source: Nexus International School (Singapore)*

Nexus places a strong emphasis on the Approaches to Learning (ATL) aspect of the IB curriculum. At its heart, the ATL promotes a range of skills grouped in communication, social, self-management, reflection and research. These are taught through the school’s carefully planned inquiry units. For example, research skills could be central to the story-based migration inquiry unit ‘Where we are in place and time’.

As a result, learners taking the ATL develop a solid foundation that prepares them for the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) (MYP) in years 7 to 9. The future skills developed in their early years equip them with the necessary tools that encourage them to confidently share their thinking and perspectives, which are useful throughout their careers. in jobs that are still in existence at this time.

A forward-looking campus for bright young minds

    Nexus International School Singapore

Nexus International School Singapore

The school is new state-of-the-art campus features a futuristic building, with learning spaces that are deliberately designed to spark curiosity and exploration. Nexus knows that an education extends beyond four walls, and having open spaces is essential to nurturing open minds.

To this end, the campus features flexible learning spaces where elementary learners can engage in collaboration, a two-story treehouse, a 65-meter-long Science Mega Lab, a sprawling platform outdoor play form and spacious libraries, among many other learning spaces. Their after-school experience is further enhanced with facilities that include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, two sports halls, rock-climbing walls and FIFA and World Rugby-approved artificial turf for sporting activities.

So what does a day look like for elementary students at this sophisticated school? As soon as learners enter campus each day, they are greeted with friendly smiles by head teachers and class assistants who are invested in their growth. The day often starts with language or math lessons, which may involve working with other classes. Relationships are a key part of The Nexus Way and conversations between teachers and peers are seen as valuable in building self-esteem.

A Apple Distinguished School, Nexus learners use iPads to support their inquiry during lessons. After snack and break times in the outdoor areas of the school, classes resume in any of the investigation units. Lunch hours are taken in the cafeteria, which offers a tempting selection of Western or Asian cuisines, followed by another game break.

Learners spend time in specialist subjects such as music, physical or health education and language studies. They end their day with a special period of introspection, where they quietly reflect on their learning, celebrate milestones and plan their next steps.

In an ever-changing world, there is no better preparation for young learners to face what is to come than a healthy education that pushes them towards independence. The Nexus Way builds resilience, learning agility and connectedness that can be applied in various aspects of their lives, resulting in responsible and compassionate individuals who understand their vital role in the global community

* Photos shown were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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