Adopt-A-School Program Benefits Utah Students and Businesses

SALT LAKE CITY —Governor Spencer Cox on Wednesday called on local businesses to tap into a promising workforce right here in Utah, especially in rural parts of the state. It is part of the Adopt-a-School Initiative.

Some companies have already invested in students while they are in school and companies have said it is paying off.

“We have all these successful companies and they’re all doing great things,” Cox said. “A lot of them are doing things in Africa and Asia, which is wonderful, but they have no idea that a few miles away there is huge need in their backyard.”

Cox touted an apprenticeship model with Stadler Rail and how it is currently helping Utah students.

The Swiss manufacturing company has a factory in Utah where workers build trains.

For the past three years, Stadler has partnered with the Salt Lake City School District and Salt Lake Community College.

High school students divide their time between courses and on-the-job training in technical and manufacturing fields and they are paid.

“In a few months, our first cohort of apprentices will graduate. They’ll do it with an associate’s degree in hand and a job offer in hand,” said Lucy Andre, Stadler Rail, chief of staff.

Andre encouraged other businesses to reach out to schools in their neighborhood.

She said it’s a worthwhile investment they won’t regret.

“It’s a lot for the students, but you know what, it’s even better for us,” said André. “We are gaining skilled employees who not only contribute to our workforce, but also to our community for years to come. »

The aim is to involve at least 1,000 companies and associate them with a school.

Interested companies can click here for more information.