Aichi Language School Students Have One Year to Find Jobs After Graduation

Students at Japanese language schools in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan will soon be able to extend their stay in the country for a year after graduation to seek employment in the region.

The prefecture, home to Toyota Motor Corp., was recently designated as a special strategic zone and hopes to give local businesses better access to promising foreign students.

“There are many in the prefecture, especially manufacturers, who are advancing overseas in areas like Southeast Asia,” an Aichi official said. “We would like international students to stay and play an active role.”

A foreign student attending a Japanese language school who seeks employment in the country usually needs to be offered a job while studying or re-enroll in a domestic university or vocational college to continue their job search.

The system has been criticized for the consequences it has on applicants, as those who are not selected are forced to return home.

It targets those who have arrived after completing their university degree abroad and who plan to be based in the certified area.

Japanese language schools will be required to hold regular meetings with graduates about their job search and introduce potential employers.

As of May 2019, 3,273 foreign students attended Japanese language schools in Aichi. The prefecture was designated as a special zone on September 14 and will start accepting applications from October.

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