‘Anti-mask’ harasses children and after-school program staff at Gregory Heights Elementary School

A grown man – described as an “anti-masker” – allegedly harassed an after-school program at Gregory Heights Elementary School on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

The King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the report, saying officers responded just before 4:30 p.m., but the subject disappeared before deputies arrived.

Reports say the man blocked the door to a portable classroom, harassed staff and children inside, and shouted about how “the government was lying to them about masks, complaining about not being able to go to the restaurant, accusing the staff of not caring about (masks) and abusing children with masks.

“The Principal of Gregory Heights received a report from after school program staff that a male came to the laptop door (not inside) and made remarks to the staff,” Catherine Carbone Rogers said. , director of communications at Highline Public School. “The police and our security arrived in about five minutes, by the time the man had left.”

The teacher, another adult and some students said they were on the laptop when they opened the door to take a few students to the bathroom. During this transition, a dog ran to the portable door and a man approached to retrieve his dog. The man then started ranting about the vaccine and COVID, asking a few questions about the program and why they had kids there during a pandemic, as well as why the kids were wearing masks.

“While my husband was picking up our daughter from the Gregory Heights Right at School program, there was a man who broke into the laptop, blocked the door and harassed the staff and children,” Honora Estes said in a post on social. media. “He was yelling at them about how the government was lying to them about masks, complaining that he couldn’t go to restaurants, accusing staff of not caring and abusing children with masks. He was a middle-aged white man about 6 feet tall with short blond hair and a medium-sized dog with him.

The teacher immediately called the police as another parent walked over to the cellphone at the time and the man left.

“He never addressed the children or had any physical contact with them,” she said. “The police came to walk on the scene as well as my zone director. Neither found it on school grounds.

The man was described as a 35-year-old white man, tall with blond hair, medium build, with a medium-sized blond dog mix with a red leash.

“Keep your eyes peeled. He intentionally targeted an area with children and could be dangerous,” Estes added.