Application to build new English language school in St Julian’s lodged with PA

A planning application which will include the construction of a new English language school on vacant land in St Julian’s has been lodged with the Planning Authority.

The application is for “the excavation of the existing site and the construction of a multi-purpose building comprising two levels of underground parking, gym and spa facilities (class 3C), an English language school (class 2C), offices (class 4A) and a public garden at the highest level”.

It is located on a vacant site alongside Triq Henry Calleja and Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli in St Julian’s and measures 2,380 square metres.

The candidate is Jodie Camilleri, Pierre Farrugia being the architect of the project.

The project will consist of two underground levels and will rise to three floors, with a public garden on the roof. The development will rise so that it is one story above Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli – better known as the regional road – at the exit point of the tunnel which runs from St Julian’s to Kappara.

Two basement levels are proposed as part of the project. The lower level will contain 46 public parking spaces, while the upper underground level will be a transport mobility hub containing 25 shared mobility car spaces and an area that has been referred to as “Green Oasis” in the project plans.

This “green oasis” will consist of 14 fast charging stations where electric vehicles can be charged in just 15 minutes, according to plans.

A total of 100 electric scooter charging stations are also planned on both levels.

The ground floor is then dedicated to the gym and spa, with 420 square meters being dedicated to the gym itself, with six exercise rooms, five spa rooms and a plunge pool all included in proposal. Two squash courts are also included in the plans.

The English language school is then spread over the first floor, with eight classrooms, an indoor playroom, a cafeteria and a semi-outdoor garden being proposed for this floor.

The second floor is then made up of wide-open office space, with plans indicating that the floor will be dedicated to “gaming offices and a gaming software academy”.

Finally, the project proposes a public garden on the roof, which includes a playground, a fountain and several community spaces.

A bridge, which will connect the development with Triq Charles Sciberras in the upper Ta’ Giorni, is also planned. The bridge will cross the exit road from the regional road tunnels for cars to drive to the traffic light junction at the foot of Birkirkara Hill.

The application was only recently submitted, which means that entities and authorities have yet to submit their recommendations and assessments on the development.

The status of the case is therefore still awaiting a recommendation from the Palestinian Authority case officer.