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Nearly 150 schools and 15 districts in Orange County have been announced as winners of a new state award celebrating innovative practices in the 2020-21 school year, when many California schools returned to in-person learning .

The 2022 California Hub Practice Rewards Programor CAPP, was unveiled this year in place of the California Distinguished Schools program, which generally honors top-performing campuses.

“This honor serves to validate the extraordinary steps our schools have taken to connect and engage students during one of the most challenging years imaginable,” said Orange County Superintendent Dr. Al Mijares. “Our teachers, administrators and support staff have gone above and beyond to provide students with technology, healthy meals and emotional support, and their willingness to collaborate and share best practices has enabled Orange County schools to to be among the first in the state to reopen for on-site learning.

Pandemic-era disruptions made it difficult last year for the state to collect consistent assessment data, which served as the basis for the Distinguished Schools program. In collaboration with partners in the education community, the California Department of Education created the CAPP Award to specifically honor schools and districts that have designed and implemented unique learning opportunities and strategies during and after learning from a distance.

With testing reinstated and most COVID-19 protocols lifted, the list of California Distinguished Schools is expected to return in 2023.

Statewide, 727 schools and 121 school districts received CAPP awards this year after submitting online entries highlighting innovative practices in at least one of four focus areas – student engagement, technology distribution, nutrition services and socio-emotional well-being.

Orange County, with its 148 school awards, accounts for about 20% of the total honors. We’ve posted the full list below.

“I am incredibly proud of these schools and districts for their creativity, dedication and innovation in the face of adversity,” State Superintendent Tony Thurmond said in A press release. “These schools have gone to incredible lengths to engage students, distribute technology, provide meals, and support students’ social and emotional well-being during an incredibly difficult time for schools and families.”

Here’s a rundown of schools and districts in Orange County that have earned this distinction.

California Hub Practice District Winners

Anaheim Elementary School District
Brea-Olinda Unified School District
Buena Park School District
Centralia Elementary School District
Fountain Valley School District
Fullerton School District
La Habra City School District
Laguna Beach Unified School District
Los Alamitos Unified School District
Magnolia School District
Ocean View School District
Orange Unified School District
Savanna School District
Tustin Unified School District
Westminster School District

California Pivotal Practice School Winners

Unified Brea Olinda Upper Brea Canyon
Unified Brea Olinda Brea Junior High
Unified Brea Olinda Brea Olinda Unified Online Academy
Unified Brea Olinda Falcon Academy of Science & Technology
Unified Brea Olinda School of Innovation and Career Exploration Laurel Elementary Magnet
Unified Brea Olinda Mariposa Elementary School
Unified Brea Olinda Olinda Elementary School
Buena Park Arthur F. Corey Elementary School
Buena Park Buena Park Middle
Buena Park Carl E. Gilbert Elementary School
Buena Park Charles G. Emery Elementary School
Buena Park Gordon H. Beatty Midfielder
Buena Park James A. Whitaker Elementary School
Buena Park Mabel L. Pendleton Elementary School
Unified Capistrano Bernice Ayer Midfielder
Unified Capistrano Marco Forster Midfielder
Unified Capistrano Oxford Preparatory Academy – Southern Orange County
Elemental Centralia Buena Terra Elementary School
Elemental Centralia Elemental Centralia
Elemental Centralia Danbrook Elementary School
Elemental Centralia George B. Miller
Elemental Centralia Glen H. Dysinger Sr. Elementary School
Elemental Centralia Los Coyotes Elementary School
Elemental Centralia Raymond Temple Elementary School
Elemental Centralia San Marino Primary School
Cypress Margaret Landell Primary School
Cypress Elementary Ships
Fountain Valley Courrèges (Roch) Primary
Fountain Valley Cox Primary School
Fountain Valley Fulton (Harry C.) Midfielder
Fountain Valley Gisler Elementary School
Fountain Valley Isiojiro Oka Primary School
Fountain Valley Masuda Middle
Fountain Valley Plavan Primary School
Fountain Valley Talbert (Samuel E.) Midfielder
Fountain Valley Tamura Elementary School (Hisamatsu)
Fullerton Robert C. Fisler Elementary School
Unified grove garden Agnes Ware Stanley Elementary School
Unified grove garden Intermediate Alamitos
Unified grove garden Elementary Bryant
Unified grove garden Primary Purple CC
Unified grove garden Earl Warren Elementary School
Unified grove garden Faylane Primary School
Unified grove garden High Grove Garden
Unified grove garden Heritage Elementary School
Unified grove garden James Irvine Intermediate
Unified grove garden John Marshall Elementary School
Unified grove garden Riverdale Elementary School
Unified grove garden Stanford Elementary School
Huntington Beach Town Agnes L. Smith Elementary School
Huntington Beach Town Ethel Dwyer Midfielder
Huntington Beach Town Huntington Seacliff Elementary School
Huntington Beach Town John H. Eader Elementary School
Huntington Beach Town Ralph E. Hawes Elementary School
Huntington Beach Town SA Moffett Elementary
Huntington Beach Upper Union Upper Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach Upper Union Ocean view
Huntington Beach Upper Union Westminster High
City of La Habra Arbolita Primary School
City of La Habra El Cerrito Elementary School
City of La Habra Las Lomas Elementary School
City of La Habra Las Positas Elementary School
City of La Habra Elemental Walnut
Unified Los Alamitos Francis Hopkinson Elementary School
Unified Los Alamitos J. H. McGaugh Elementary School
Unified Los Alamitos Jack L. Weaver Elementary School
Unified Los Alamitos Los Alamitos Elementary School
Unified Los Alamitos Raised of Los Alamitos
Unified Los Alamitos Middle Oak
Unified Los Alamitos Richard Henry Lee Elementary School
Unified Los Alamitos Rossmoor Primary School
Unified Los Alamitos Sharon Christa McAuliffe Midfielder
Lowell’s joint El Portal Elementary School
Lowell’s joint Jordan Elementary
Lowell’s joint Elemental Macy’s
Lowell’s joint Meadow Green Elementary School
Lowell’s joint Elemental Olita
Lowell’s joint Intermediate Rancho-Starbuck
Newport–Mesa Unified Early secondary
ocean view Middle Mesa View
ocean view Oak View Elementary School
ocean view Primary Star View
ocean view Middle Vista View
ocean view Westmont Elementary School
Orange County Preparatory Academy for College and Professional Studies (OECD)
Orange County Oxford Preparatory Academy – Saddleback Valley
Orange County Unity Middle College High
Unified Orange Anaheim Hills Elementary School
Unified Orange California iInspire Academy
Unified Orange Fairhaven Primary School
Unified Orange Fletcher Elementary School
Unified Orange Elemental Nohl Canyon
Unified Orange Center of Santiago
Unified Orange Orange West Primary School
Placentia-Yorba Linda unified Melrose Elementary School
Unified Saddleback Valley Glen Yermo Elementary School
Unified Saddleback Valley Lomarena Elementary School
Unified Saddleback Valley Melinda Heights Elementary School
Unified Saddleback Valley Portola Hills Primary School
Unified Saddleback Valley San Joaquin Elementary School
Unified Saddleback Valley Top of the Trabuco Hills
Unified Santa Ana Douglas MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate
Unified Santa Ana El Sol Santa Ana Academy of Sciences and Arts
Unified Santa Ana John Muir Basic Elementary School
Savannah Cerritos Elementary School
Savannah Hansen Elementary School
Savannah Elementary Holder
Savannah Twila Reid Elementary School
Unified tustin Arnold O. Beckman High
Unified tustin Elemental Arroyo
Unified tustin Barbara Benson Elementary School
Unified tustin Benjamin F. Beswick Elementary School
Unified tustin EC Utt Middle
Unified tustin Columbus Tustin Midfielder
Unified tustin high buttress
Unified tustin Guin Foss Elementary School
Unified tustin Helen Estock Primary School
Unified tustin Heritage Elementary School
Unified tustin Hewes Medium
Unified tustin Hicks Canyon Elementary School
Unified tustin Ladera Primary School
Unified tustin Legacy Magnet Academy
Unified tustin Loma Vista Elementary School
Unified tustin Myford Primary School
Unified tustin orchard hills
Unified tustin Peters Canyon Elementary School
Unified tustin pioneer environment
Unified tustin Red Hill Elementary School
Unified tustin Robert Heideman Elementary School
Unified tustin Sycamore Magnet Academy
Unified tustin Login
Unified tustin Tustin High School
Unified tustin Tustin Memorial Elementary School
Unified tustin Tustin Ranch Elementary School
Unified tustin WR Nelson Elementary
westminster Ada Clegg Elementary School
westminster Anderson Elementary School
westminster Demille Elementary School
westminster Eastwood Elementary School
westminster Fryberger Elementary School
westminster Helen Stacey Midfielder
westminster Johnson Middle
westminster Meairs Primary School
westminster Schmitt Elementary School
westminster Schroeder Elementary School
westminster Elemental Sequoia
westminster Elementary Webber
westminster elementary willmore

Complete lists of the 2022 edition CAPP laureates and CAPP District Recipients are posted on the CDE website. More information about the CAAP award, including the four focus areas for innovation, can be found at CAPP webpage.

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