ASE Education Foundation Introduces New Adopt-A-School Program

The ASE Education Foundation has launched a new Adopt-A-School program, designed to serve as a valuable resource to help students transition into the workforce. By implementing work-based learning programs, companies can help strengthen classroom instruction and increase students’ practical skills, making graduates more productive early in their careers, says the Foundation. .

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“Many companies hire students while they are still in school. Done correctly, workplace learning can be a real asset to employee development and retention,” said Mike Coley, President, ASE Education Foundation. “Our Adopt-a-School toolkit is filled with great information on how companies can implement a successful workplace learning program. When a company supports a local school, it can help identify and train long-term employees. »

Work-based learning refers to a special type of part-time employment where students are paired with experienced technicians who serve as their on-the-job mentors, and the tasks they undertake match and reinforce the ongoing learning at school. Additionally, constructive workplace learning includes ongoing discussions between the employer, student, mentor, and instructor about what is going well and what needs improvement, so that any remediation can take place as soon as possible. quickly as possible, adds the Foundation.

ASE research shows that students who participate in work-based learning programs are more likely to join the transportation services industry and stay there long-term. As schools strive to provide well-trained entry-level technicians, they need help and feedback to succeed and meet industry employment needs. Schools seek industry partners to provide advice and guidance, introduce career opportunities to their students, and help them gain hands-on experience that will develop their skills and encourage them to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

The purpose of the foundation Adopt a school is to create partnerships between employers and schools in their respective communities and help train and prepare the next generation of automotive service professionals to enter the workforce. Businesses and industry organizations have the opportunity to mentor and hire future employees through the program.

“Hiring students while they’re still in school is a great way to foster loyalty between the hard-working student and a company,” Coley said. “Companies have the opportunity to better understand students’ abilities and help develop essential skills in the workplace. When implemented correctly, this program can help create a steady pipeline of talent for the business. »

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