ASE Education Foundation Launches New Adopt-A-School Program

To foster partnerships between companies in the transportation industry and schools in their local communities, the ASE Education Foundation has launched a new Adopt-A-School program. This mutually beneficial program allows businesses to provide support to local schools while simultaneously providing those businesses with access to promising service professionals entering the workforce.

“Our Adopt-A-School program is a new avenue to help increase the number of service professionals entering the industry while providing businesses the opportunity to connect and help train the next generation of service technicians. “said Mike Coley. , President of the ASE Education Foundation. “Schools need industry partners to provide advice and guidance, demonstrate career opportunities for their students, and help those students gain the hands-on experience that will develop their skills and encourage them to pursue careers in the industry. ‘automotive.’

The ASE Education Foundation has created a landing page, which explains the Adopt-A-School concept and connects users to the free online toolkit that can help businesses initiate and maintain school partnerships. The toolkit provides information on how to connect with students, support a school’s training program and educators, and put students to work in the industry while they’re still in school. school. A downloadable brochure is also available to provide relevant information and help employers recognize the value of these partnerships.

“We would like to thank our schools and industry partners who have stepped up and provided their support and expertise to help launch the Adopt-A-School program,” Coley said. “We are excited about the opportunities this program provides and look forward to helping schools and businesses form meaningful and lasting partnerships and begin to address the technician shortage.” »