Ashley Fitzgibbons becomes Head of Boarding at Swiss International School in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Ashley Fitzgibbons as Head of Boarding, effective August 2022. Our current Head of Boarding, Mr David McKeown, will return to the Kingdom United after more than 12 years. in Dubai, to assume the position of head of boarding school at Truro College. We wish David every success in his new role and thank David and his family for the care and support they have given to our residents.

Ashley has 12 years of experience in education, the last four of which at SISD as a Middle Years Program (MYP) and IB Diploma Program (DP) teacher, alongside her role as assistant director of the secondary (pastoral). His education includes a Bachelor of Commerce, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Business), and a Professional Diploma in Mathematics.

Ashley worked daily with boarding school staff and students during her time at SISD. She is familiar with the boarding school environment, knows the boarding school students well, and we anticipate a very smooth and seamless transfer process, which David and Ashley have already begun.

Ashley is particularly passionate about student well-being, ensuring the continued voice of students, regularly celebrating success, and maintaining that students are at the center of the learning process.

As the internship at SISD continues to grow, the staff team will be increased and we will notify you of new appointment details in due course.

Swiss International School of Dubai

A global vision, a bilingual approach, a Swiss culture and yet firmly rooted in the local Dubai community – this is the Swiss International School Dubai, or SISD.

The Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai (SISD), the first bilingual International Baccalaureate school in Dubai, opened in 2015 and is the largest Swiss school outside of Switzerland.

The school is a leading international day school and boarding school where future generations are inspired to become confident and enthusiastic lifelong learners, properly prepared to embrace all of life’s opportunities and challenges.

With a diverse student body of 1,450 students comprising over 75 different nationalities, the school believes that the next generation of international citizens will need to be dynamic, flexible and linguistically ambitious. With this in mind, SISD offers immersive bilingual programs in either of the Swiss languages ​​of French and German, but also a solid English program with foreign languages. For students who do not wish to follow a fully bilingual program, there is a unique STEAM program for all children from 4 to 11 years old. SISD stands out as one of the few educational institutions in the world classified as an IB continuum school, which means that it offers International Baccalaureate education for students aged 3 to 18.

Offering day school, weekly or term boarding options, this premier educational institution offers cutting-edge STEAM education and also boasts world-class sports facilities.

The school has defined its BEST values ​​as follows:


A unique international and multilingual environment provides students with authentic exposure to English, French, German and Arabic. Students in immersive bilingual programs learn to communicate, think and reflect in two different languages. As citizens of the world, SISD celebrates diversity, promoting all languages ​​and cultures with equal respect.


SISD staff believe in maintaining high standards and aspire to be the best they can be. A spirit of inquiry, encouraging both creative and critical thinking is fostered.


Students and staff believe that social, cultural, economic and environmental awareness prepares us to play our part in building a better future, both for ourselves and for those around us. The school campus is eco-friendly, winning international praise and awards for its low energy consumption to create a comfortable and healthy environment.


In the international school community, we know that we are at our best when we all work together. We consider active participation in the community, from the most local to the most global, as the foundation of a precious life.