Benefits for students in an international school

Living in a different country is a big move for any family, and it’s a life-changing transition for all family members. It definitely is, especially when it comes to your kids. If your family has decided to move to Bangkok, Thailand, you need to find the right school for your children to continue or begin their education.

Since school plays a major role in your child’s development, you need to understand the different types of schools, their pros and cons, so you can choose a school that will support your children’s development.

For most expatriate families, enrolling their children in a good international school is one of their top priorities, and this is because of the merits of studying in an international school, such as Bangkok Prep International School in Bangkok, in Thailand.

A course recognized around the world

Moving to a new country does not mean closing your walls there. Even in a different country, you need to make sure that your children’s education is recognized and accredited all over the world so that their education is a tool for them and not a disadvantage.

For example, at Bangkok Prep International School, they offer a program based on the National Curriculum of England, which they offer to all our students from kindergarten to secondary school. By using this program, it ensures that the education of students is recognized and respected around the world.

If your child ever decides to return to your home country or explore other parts of the world, you can be sure that he will have his education with him because you have sent him to an international school.

A global and multicultural environment

Because expatriate families from different countries often let their children study in international schools, these schools tend to have a population filled with students from different countries and cultures. Of course, this is not the case with international schools which are more focused on a single nationality.

Once you enroll your children in an international school, they will be part of a group of students from different parts of the world, allowing them to understand, respect the different cultures of different people and broaden their horizons.

Children can learn different languages

As the student population of international schools comes from different countries, students naturally have different mother tongues. For this reason, all students are exposed to different languages, allowing them to immerse themselves in, learn and understand them.

Not only that, but most international schools also offer courses for different languages ​​in their curriculum. Whether you want your children to learn the language of your new country or simply want them to learn as many languages ​​as possible and become global citizens, getting them into an international school is a great first step.

Students can take advantage of the quality facilities offered by international schools

A school may have a good program, but it will be difficult for students to get anything out of it if the school does not have the necessary facilities. In international schools, they offer top quality facilities ranging from learning spaces, science labs, computers to sports facilities.

Whatever your child’s interests, international schools are likely to have the facilities for students to immerse themselves in. With a good curriculum and the corresponding facilities, students from international schools can enjoy a comprehensive learning experience.

International schools offer more programs

To ensure that education is not limited to the classroom, international schools offer extracurricular activities for students to participate in and apply what they have learned. Through these programs and activities, students can learn more and understand each other, and be more active and participatory.

Moreover, it is not limited to academic pursuits, as international schools are known to also emphasize sports, arts, dance, and other areas that are not necessarily taught in a regular classroom. .

Greater professional opportunities after studies

With an internationally recognized curriculum, good facilities and a global environment, students graduating from international schools have better career opportunities once they leave school.

Institutions like the International School of Paris, the United Nations International School, and the International Preparatory School in Bangkok have established a history of sending graduates to college and beyond.

In addition, since they have an understanding of different cultures and knowledge in other languages, graduates from international schools can integrate into other cultures and adapt to professional opportunities in other countries in the future. .

Featured Image: Javier Trueba, Unsplash.