Bourne School Committee to Honor 2022 Student Navigator Award Recipients

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NOTE: Any member of the media who would like to meet the Navigator Award winners is welcome to attend. Wednesday, Bourne school committee meeting.

BOURNE — Bourne Public Schools recognizes several students for their outstanding academic achievements and dedication to the district.

At the June 1 meeting of the Bourne School Board, a total of seven students will be recognized as recipients of this year’s Navigator Awards, which are given annually to students whose exemplary achievements directly support the core values ​​of the Bourne School District.

“Navigator Award recipients chart their own paths and navigate the future,” said Bourne School Committee Chair Emily Berry. “They have proven themselves to be strong academic leaders in several fields of study, they demonstrate consideration, respect and empathy for others and engage in appropriate decision-making through the use of a good judgement. We commend each of them for all they have done during their time at Bourne Public Schools.

The actions and achievements of eligible students represent their individual abilities in one or more of the competencies that represent Bourne’s vision of a graduate: they include:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Effective written and verbal communication
  • Responsibility and Accountability

Students are nominated for the Navigator Awards by district staff members. This year’s recipients are:

Mikayla Noonan, 8th grade, suggested by teacher Dennis Reynolds

Mikayla was nominated for her academic excellence, creativity, ability to think outside the box, thoughtfulness, respect, and efforts to help others. She has been an incredible addition to the Model United Nations, has a passion for leadership and actively listens to others. She is participating this summer in the Advanced Leadership Program, which is offered to students who score in the top 10% on MCAS and who have been recommended based on their leadership efforts and skills.

Colby Lindner, 12th grade, named by teacher Andrew Collins

Colby has demonstrated academic excellence in AP courses and robotics courses, extraordinary kindness, leadership, and a consistent willingness to volunteer and help others. He helped create and run the Good Morning Canalmen news program at Bourne High School.

Nora Barmashi, Grade 12, Nominated by Teacher Athletic Director Scott Ashworth

Nora has a plethora of academic and athletic accolades, but remains extremely humble. She is an outstanding student and leader, and she is kind and compassionate. She is the student liaison for the Unified Basketball team, member of the National Honor Society, Yearbook Club, Student Council Representative, and Key Club.

Connor Ryan, 12th grade, nominated by teacher Jeff Lanctot

Connor achieved high scores on AP exams while dealing with several leadership and personal issues. He has very strong analytical skills and profoundly high mathematical competence. Academically and socially, Connor is a leader at Bourne High School and is in the top 10% of his class, is a role model in discussion and debate, and is a talented writer. Connor has become the voice of his promotion as he speaks out against injustice and advocates for social change. He is the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance and has provided a proud and public voice for the LGBTQ community.

Alana Nalbandian, Grade 6, suggested by teacher Keri Boisclair

Alana goes beyond collaboration, creativity, communication and accountability in acting classes; competed as one of the youngest entrants in the State Monologue Contest through the Mass. Educational Theater Guild; has the lead role in her college play; and diligently attends classes, rehearsals, and after-school time. Alana demonstrates responsibility and responsibility, and supports and encourages her classmates.

Grade 12 Grace Russell, nominated by teacher Colby Congel

Grace was an invaluable source of creativity within Bourne High School and the Art Department, where she illustrated her incredible works of art (which were displayed in the halls of BHS). She is also an active member of the theater department, providing assistance to the award-winning program on both sides of the curtain through acting and technical work. She has a spectacular attitude to her responsibilities as a student-athlete in volleyball and track and field.

Viveca Stucke, 12th grade, nominated by teacher Tracey Frances

Viveca has successfully completed the Early College Experience Program (ECEP) through Bourne High School’s partnership with Cape Cod Community College. This spring, she will be graduating with her associate’s degree and high school diploma. Not only is she secretary of the student council at Bourne High School, but she is also secretary of the student government association at Cape Cod Community College. As a result of its involvement and work with the CCCC Student Government Association, Viveca had the honor of saluting the opening ceremony for the debut. For the past year, Viveca has been the first student school board member of the Bourne School Board. She led her advisory group while respecting her academic obligations.

“This year’s Navigator Award recipients truly embody what it means to be a member of Bourne Public Schools,” said Superintendent Kerri Anne Quinlan-Zhou. “Our vision for a BHS graduate not only represents high academic excellence and critical thinking skills, but also promotes the values ​​of teamwork, putting others first and being a valued member of the school community in his outfit. These seven students have accomplished a great deal during their time at Bourne, whether in the classroom, in the arts, in athletics, or in their community, and we are proud of all that they have accomplished.