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Brent Kennedy joins the Adopt-a-School program

Local elementary school participating in a fundraiser to support library resources.

Brent Kennedy Elementary School in Crescent Valley participates in the Indigo Foundation’s Adopt-a-School program for the love of reading.

The fundraising initiative connects an Indigo, Chapters or Coles store with a local school and neighboring community to help provide support for valuable library resources.

As the pandemic continues to impact how students access reading materials, the Adopt-A-School program continues its efforts to upgrade library collections with updated and diverse learning materials , further improving their education and literacy skills.

The fundraising campaign will run until October 3.

This year, 153 Canadian elementary schools in need have been “adopted” by an Indigo, Chapters and Coles store that will raise funds on their behalf.

To support the school, you can donate in-store or through the Adopt-a-School fundraiser online at

Whether in-store or online, 100% of funds raised will be donated to participating schools in need.

As these schools and their students continue to navigate the complexities of education during the pandemic, support is more essential than ever, and the opportunity to enrich students’ lives through their school libraries has never been. as big.

The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation strongly believes that providing access to the right book at the right time can dramatically change a child’s life, propelling them to success in education and in life.