Canadian International School Launches CIS Global Online School

Bengaluru: Canadian International School (CIS) Bangalore has announced the launch of CIS Global Online School (CIS GOS) for students in grades 5-8 with an international curriculum covering a wide range of subjects. The online school has opened admissions to students from all over India and its neighboring countries for the academic year commencing July 1, 2022. This world-class school model will feature flexible options, dedicated international teachers, curriculum exceptional and individualized learning. only truly international online school in India.

CIS Global Online School uses the Cambridge standards to align and describe what mastery of concepts and skills looks like in different age groups. Students can work at their own pace with support from expert teachers and peers. The school will provide personalized learning – anytime, anywhere; exceptional online teaching pedagogies; world-class education at reasonable costs; and exposure to culturally diverse peer groups.

CIS online schooling will allow students to enjoy the flexibility of pursuing their passions in the arts (dance, theater, music, and visual arts) and physical education (wellness, conditioning, and practicing various sports) by integrating either their work with current mentors in any discipline or using CIS’s online global specialists who create stimulating opportunities to explore one’s creativity. Global Online School students also have the opportunity to learn new languages, including French, Mandarin, Spanish, or any other language they wish to study. Flexibility based on known international programs is at the heart of learning at CIS Global Online School.

Commenting on the CIS Global Online School, Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School Bangalore said, “Before the pandemic, we considered creating an online learning environment for students and families. in order to provide a truly international and globally-minded platform for learning to reach learners who want but cannot access a high-quality education. The pandemic has provided an opportunity to develop and refine this work to help us create this unique and flexible learning environment for students. Online school will define the future of education and change the way people think about school. CIS Global Online School is creating an opportunity for students who do not have access to quality international education in their current circumstances.”

CIS Global Online School creates a new opportunity for students to learn about the world in a way that is currently not possible. They can pursue their passions, such as becoming an expert musician or artist, or an athlete, or follow unscripted learning passions through guidance. Children can explore the world from the comfort of their family home in an accredited and truly international school setting. “CIS Global Online School strives to be the best K-12 online learning center in the world,” said Dr. Ted Mockrish, School Principal, CIS Global Online School.

CIS GOS teachers are all experienced, internationally certified educators who have a keen interest in helping young learners develop a growth mindset that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Educators are highly experienced in creating unique and personalized learning experiences that include student input and are anchored in the proven learning outcomes found in the Cambridge curriculum. The goal of the school is not only to give a child the right environment to excel in their studies, but also to give them enough time and encouragement to develop holistically. The vision of the online school is to provide a technology-driven education system that overcomes the limitations of a physical school while providing a similar experience and making schooling meaningful and joyful.