Canadian International School students qualify for Tournament of Champions at Yale University in November 2022

Canadian International School (CIS) team

Students win regional and global heats to qualify for Yale event

BANGALORE, 08 NOVEMBER 2022 (GPN): Secondary students from the Canadian International School (CIS) Bangalore performed exceptionally well in the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup academic competition held earlier this year. After shining in the Bangalore round, the CIS team qualified for the world round held recently in Dubai, where they competed against 3,000 fellows from over 50 countries. Now, CIS school teams qualify to compete in the annual Tournament of Champions to be held at Yale University in the United States in November 2022.

World Scholar’s Cup regional rounds are held around the world throughout the year. This year’s World Scholars’ Cup – Bangalore round featured two CIS teams. In the senior division, Rajat, Arjun, Zayaan, Ronojoy, Niranjan and Kovid won 38 individual gold and silver medals in various categories. CIS students also won the team writing trophy and the team debate gold medal, competing with more than 60 teams from schools across India.

During the regional round, CIS scholars participated in four events: Team Debate, Scholar’s Bowl, Scholar’s Challenge, and Collaborative Writing. The questions and content were based on six topics – Science and Technology, Art and Music, Literature and Media, Social Studies and History. This year, the 6th subject was the psychology of errors.

Ronojoy, CIS Grade 11 Student and Admitted CIS Team Member that the event program and tasks were challenging and encouraged ‘outside the box’ thinking. “It doesn’t look like a conventional exam. You have to use your critical thinking, it tests your ability to think on the spot and relate random topics to each other,” he said.

“For example, in the art and music section, there was a very famous painting that was part of the program. And the question was – if a particular head of state in 1600 made this painting, what would it look like or how would it change?” added Niranjan, a grade 11 student and member of the CIS team.

“Your performance determines how many points you get,”- Explain Zayaan, team member. “You are ranked by the number of points, and if they exceed the 20,000 threshold, the team qualifies for the last Tournament of Champions. And the competition was incredibly high.

Talk about student achievement, Ms. Shweta Sastri, Director General, Canadian International School, Bangalore, said: “The entire CIS community is proud of our students for their prodigious accomplishments in the first rounds. We also commend them for their intelligence and commitment and are confident they will achieve much more as they move into the future. We also believe that this feat of our students will also inspire other students to actively participate in many such global competitions.

The CIS team is preparing for the Tournament of Champions, which will take place in two months. This is more than just one more global cycle. Learners will immerse themselves in life at Yale University and seize the opportunity to understand what it is like to be a student at one of the most remarkable universities in the world. They will interact directly with the Yale community and have fun with people from different cultures – talking, debating and even dancing. They will also learn how to leverage the World Scholar’s Cup experience as part of their admissions portfolio.

The first World Scholar’s Cup was held in Korea in 2007 as a small regional tournament and has grown to reach approximately 15,000 young talents worldwide. In addition to the competition, students communicate with learners from diverse cultural backgrounds to discuss concepts and ideas.