Candidate for the school committee: Craig Gruber – WaylandeNews

After much time and thought, I would like to announce that I am running for the Wayland Public Schools School Committee. I’m not running against anything.

  • I run for Wayland. Wayland is one of the highest performing districts in the Commonwealth and one of the best public schools in the country.
  • I run for our teachers. It is thanks to our teachers that our children have the high quality educational opportunities that they have. It is through their selfless dedication and focus on our children’s learning and well-being that our students thrive.
  • I run for our (and my) children. I want to work with the community of Wayland to ensure that our schools continue to reflect our town’s values ​​so that our children can grow and learn in a thoughtful, inclusive and accepting environment, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

I made a career in education and service. From my time as a high school teacher and administrator, to being a college professor and administrator, and my time as an officer in the United States Navy, I have sought to serve. I bring the same dedication to my desire to serve on the school committee. I humbly request your vote.

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