CBN’s “Superbook” Reaches Teachers and Students Across Cambodia with Online Sunday School Program

CBN’s weekly online Superbook Sunday School program on YouTube reaches children and teachers in Cambodia.

Classes feature local hosts sharing an episode of Superbook while playing games, singing and praying together.

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A teacher told CBN that when COVID-19 first spread across Cambodia, it was difficult for people to meet and practice lessons.

But the Superbook program has helped her continue teaching and interacting with families online.

And one child has shared how happy she was when the teacher launched the online Superbook program, saying the stories gave her the courage to trust God and not fear COVID.

The team also holds monthly Zoom prayer meetings for teachers and children to come together online.

Map of the world showing the many languages ​​CBN’s Superbook has been translated into. Many kids around work can watch Superbook in their own language. (Image credit: CBN News)

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You can watch Superbook with your kids anytime. Just go to Superbook TV Channel on Youtube.

** Originally published November 22, 2021