Did you know that Razum International School only has a four-hour school day?

Razum International School teaches students core content in a four-hour school day, leaving plenty of time for play and extracurricular activities! (Psst! Don’t miss the admission fee waiver code!)

A boutique international school in Singapore, Razum International School caters to students aged 5-12. In addition to the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Razum also bases its general curriculum on Singapore English and Singapore Mathematics. Unlike most international schools, your child will not spend an entire day in class. Instead, a typical school day can last four hours!

Shorter hours, more effective learning

The four-hour academic day is a point of pride for Razum International School – something that really sets the school apart from others. “We believe that shorter hours make learning more effective and efficient, as students focus more on core subjects such as math and English,” says Shannon de Winnaar, the school’s principal. This ensures that core subjects are taught without interruption – and during the child’s best learning period. While the Academic Day focuses on English, Math and CPI, Razum also instills a love of art, music, sports, dance and drama in students through a wide range extracurricular activities (ECA). “The academic day begins at 8:45 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m., and our students can participate in ECAs until 3 p.m. This, we believe, is vital for their cognitive development and also nurtures a sense of community among students,” adds Ms Shannon Additionally, this holistic approach also guarantees students daily outdoor time.

Razum International School - Students reading

Flexible, affordable and personalized

Razum’s international student body means more than just numbers in a classroom for teachers and staff. Personalized attention for each child is paramount here, and class sizes are kept small for this reason – just 18 students to one teacher! What this really means is that teachers can easily adjust the program to personalize your child’s learning. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with exorbitant fees, as Razum offers two flexible plans that can be broken down into monthly installments instead of paying per semester.

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