Eileen Jay for the school committee

I ask you to vote for my re-election to the school committee on Monday, March 7. My experience, vision, and compassion give me insight to foster students’ academic growth while caring for their social and emotional well-being.

With six years of school committee experience, I bring the depth of knowledge, proven ability and leadership to help guide our schools. I have an in-depth knowledge of our school system, understand educational needs, and listen carefully to all perspectives, which contributes to informed and thoughtful decision-making. My oversight of budget, finance and facilities, including the construction of two new schools, positions me as the best candidate for financially prudent planning of a new/renovated high school.

My vision for education is to empower students to become critical thinkers, caring adults, and engaged citizens. As an educational researcher with a doctorate in education, I believe that an excellent education challenges students of all abilities to strive to reach their full potential, to cultivate skills to question and discern the information and foster collaboration. Schools help students learn to be caring and compassionate people, and our curriculum fosters cultural understanding that prepares them to be global citizens.

I care deeply about the social and emotional well-being of students. Seeing intense pressures at school in 2008, I began to actively work on reducing student stress. More than ever, I am engaged in ongoing work to address student mental health and stress, including the mental health impacts of the pandemic. We must listen to students’ needs, provide them with support and foster caring relationships with trusted adults. We need to enrich opportunities for social interaction and help students find joy and balance in their lives.

I am delighted to continue my work within the school committee. Please vote for Eileen Jay on Monday, March 7.

For more information: jayforschoolcommittee.com

— Eileen Jay, Lexington School Board candidate