EOYDC’s free after-school program has 10 openings for middle schoolers

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Karina Hall is with scholars from the East Oakland Youth Development Center’s Bridge Program, as well as Bridge Media Professor JR Valrey, People’s Minister of Information, San Francisco Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen Martin, and director and co-founder from the Oakland International Film Festival David Roach, after Tongo and Dave lectured in JR’s Media class.

by the Minister of Information JR Valrey

The East Oakland Youth Development Center, located at 83rd Avenue and International, is one of the youth centers I used to play at when I was young and one of the first places I got a employment in the community. Twenty-five years later, the Center still provides a safe haven for East Oakland youth to learn and spend time, and it still provides high school and college students with their first paid jobs.

There are approximately 10 open slots for the Bridge program, which is a free after-school program for middle school youth (grades 6-8) that offers homework help, media journalism, dance, basketball and more Again. Karina Hall, the Bridge Program Manager, gives our readers an update on the opportunities available to young people at the East Oakland Youth Development Center. Tap and pull up.

JR Valrey: Can you tell us about the Bridge program offered by the EOYDC? And what does this program offer students?

Karina Room: The Bridge is a FREE after-school enrichment program for school-aged youth. We provide homework support and daily lessons on a variety of topics – for example, financial literacy. In addition, we offer our participants enrichment activities, which include Dutch doubles, basketball, visual arts, computer technology, media (journalism), dance and wellness. We have also intentionally incorporated a strong community engagement element into our program this year.

JR Valrey: How many students can the program accommodate? Is it filled to capacity?

Karina Room: We have approximately 15 fellows currently enrolled in our program and are looking to enroll at least 10 more fellows.

JR Valrey: For students who need help with their schoolwork, is there a time during the program for students to receive tutoring?

Karina Room: Yes! We provide homework help and have designated staff members to help. We also have a designated Student Success Coordinator who supports our scholars’ academics by conducting weekly check-ins as well as communicating with teachers and parents.

JR Valrey: What is the purpose and objective of the program?

Karina Room: Bridge’s goal is to expose our scholars to different enrichment activities, support their mental and emotional health, and academic success. Additionally, we have implemented a strong community engagement element into our program this year, to increase our community relationships and instill the importance of community in our scholars.

We provide homework support and have designated staff members to help students. We also have a designated Student Success Coordinator who supports our scholars’ academics by conducting weekly check-ins as well as communicating with teachers and parents.

JR Valrey: Are there any restrictions (age, residency, etc.) on who can participate in the programs?

Karina Room: The Bridge program is offered to all school-aged children, grades six through eight. There are no residential or other restrictions.

JR Valrey: What enrichment classes are offered and what is expected of young people on a daily basis?

Karina Room: The enrichment activities we currently offer are Media and Journalism, Visual Arts, Computing, Wellness, Basketball and Doubles Dutch.

JR Valrey: Are there employment opportunities for young people at the EOYDC during the year?

Karina Room: Yes! We hire young leaders every year to support on-site programming. Young leaders are typically high school and college students (grade 10 and up). They receive a monthly stipend and also participate in our Pathway to College (PTC) program. Young Leaders support our Bridge program as well as our After School Leadership Academy (ASLA) for children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

JR Valrey: How could people get more information?

Karina Room: You can contact me at karina@eoydc.org or our front office, 510-569-8088.

JR Valrey, journalist, author, filmmaker and founder of New World Black Media, heads the Oakland office of SF Bay View. He can be attached to blockreportradio@gmail.com or on Facebook. Visit www.BlackNewWorldMedia.com to know more.