Fairfax County Public Schools Committee Recommends Including Gender Identity Curriculum in Elementary Schools

A public school committee made up of three transgender advocates is set to recommend that a public school district in Virginia include gender identity in sex education curricula beginning in the fourth grade, according to a copy of the recommendations obtained by the Daily Caller.

The Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee plans to recommend that the Fairfax County Public School Board include “gender identity in [Family Life Education]and develop an “inclusive curriculum” of sex education for all students in the 2022-2023 school year. The committee specifically called for “gender-spectrum inclusion in elementary” and Grade 10 curricula, according to the draft recommendations.

“The committee recommends the addition of gender to the objective [of a grade 10 lesson plan] to clarify that sexuality and gender are currently included in lesson instruction,” the project states.

The board also recommends that the school district adopt “co-education” for sex education classes on “human growth and development” beginning in the fourth grade. According to the project, gender-specific health classes would assert a “rigid, anatomy-based binary.”

“When students are separated by boys and girls, it affirms a rigid, anatomy-based binary,” the project says. “The practice of segregating students by sex does not include lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex, and gender-diverse students.”

The same project says it “is plausible that some students would be more comfortable in a gender-segregated class.”

Several parents told the Daily Caller they don’t think combined sex education classes are appropriate for young children. DO Jackson, a mother from Fairfax County, said she thought the program update “seemed very agenda-driven.”

“It’s a touchy subject and can quickly become inappropriate when college kids are in a room with girls,” Jackson said. “Most of the planet is not bothered by what people do in their private lives. But pushing children into the private lifestyle of adults is irresponsible.

Another mother, Debra Tisler, told the Daily Caller that she believes an updated gender identity curriculum ‘does not take into consideration the religious, ethnic or cultural beliefs of all children’. and their parents.

“It’s developmentally inappropriate and doesn’t take into account the age and maturity level of children,” Tisler said. “It is very dangerous and unethical to implement [a] school curriculum that does not take this into account. (RELATED: Fairfax County Public Schools May Suspend Students Who ‘Abuse’ Peers and Engage in ‘Hate Speech’)

A father, James Wallwork, alleged to the Daily Caller that the committee was “trying to push through changes on the sly” and were not “upfront about what they were trying to do”. He stated that three voting members are transgender activists who belong to the Transgender Education Associationwhich makes him wonder if the recommendations are made by ideologically motivated individuals.

“I don’t think it’s common knowledge [what] the impact that this advisory committee has on the FLE program. On top of that…the committee is all nominated by school board members and three of them chose to nominate members of a local transgender advocacy group,” Wallwork said.

Voting committee members also in a transgender activist organization include Willow Woycke, Amber Beichler and Chaiya Mohanty Ortiz. The three sit on the committee along with 29 other voting members and six non-voting members, according to the draft.

The committee was scheduled to present its recommendations to the school board on May 24, according to a previous agenda posted on the Fairfax County Public School Board. website. A Fairfax County Public Schools spokeswoman told the Daily Caller that a new date has not yet been determined.