Floorball Campus League 2021 launched at Shanghai Foreign Language School

In March 2021, a series of matches organized and managed by the students and staff of the Shanghai Foreign Language School (SFLS) was officially launched and nearly 200 players from seven different levels participated in the league.

SFLS is the first Chinese school to officially integrate a floorball program into its specialized high school sports program.

– Since 2014, after-school floorball lessons for middle schoolers (grades 6-9) have become popular due to their fun and safe nature. The advantage of floorball is also that it can be played by boys and girls together. In July 2016, some of the SFLS players also took part in the international cultural exchange involving floorball culture in Sweden and Finland. The players participated in a summer camp organized by Selected Player Sweden AB and visited some schools and clubs in Sweden and Finland, said Mr Yuan YongVice President of China Floorball Union.

Further developmental milestones were achieved and the SFLS flooball club was formed to involve the education of students in sports management and social responsibility. Since then, the club has won several national championships in the floorball junior series.

As part of social welfare activities, a long-term cooperation program has also been established involving schools for mentally handicapped students in Changning District. SFLS members participated in the development of floorball in these specialist schools and regularly played unified floorball.

SFLS students won the first U16 Junior Floorball series in China in 2018
SFLS students won the 2019 China U14 Junior Floorball Series

In 2018, the SFLS officially integrated the floorball program into its specialized sports program in high school, which is the first time in China. As part of the school’s well-founded floorball environment, several members of the club have been selected to the national U19 floorball team.

– In the future, SFLS will continue to improve its floorball development program through international sports culture exchange and cooperation in floorball educationnoted Xue Shuai Ru, deputy head of the competition department of the Chinal Floorball Union, who is also a sports teacher of the SFLS.

Source: China Floorball Union