Former Patriot Matt Light runs for Foxborough School Committee

Matt Light takes on a new challenge at Foxborough, this time off the pitch. The former New England Patriot is a school committee candidate, Foxborough clerk Bob Cutler confirmed to The Globe.

Light was unavailable for comment on Friday. But in a March 31 interview on conservative news outlet Newsmax, Light said he was inspired to chase after conversations with friends and family about the Foxborough school’s pandemic policies. He did not specify which policies he was referring to.

“We cannot allow what has happened over the past two years in this pandemic to go unreported,” Light said in the interview with Newsmax “Spicer & Co” host Sean Spicer. . “What our kids go through when they go to public schools shouldn’t be happening.”

Light said the pandemic’s toll on children’s mental health must be considered.

“There have been too many things that have happened during this pandemic that have negatively affected children, that have placed children in mental institutions,” he said.

Light said he and his wife, Susie, were personally affected by school pandemic policies and “were ignored” when they raised concerns about their son’s heart condition.

“If we can’t see his lips, that’s the first sign he’s losing oxygen,” he told Spicer. “So little things like that were silenced.”

It was unclear if Light was referring to the Foxborough school’s masking policies. After the Omicron variant’s surge this winter, Massachusetts lifted its statewide school mask mandate on February 28, although several communities, including Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, extended their mandates to one. later date. The Foxborough School Board voted unanimously to rescind their mask mandate on February 28, according to The Sun Chronicle.

Asked about the local reaction to his campaign, Light initially joked that maybe some people thought his candidacy was an April Fool’s joke. Then he added that the support he received from the people of Foxborough was “warming”.

“These are hard-working people, and we have incredible teachers and people here in our school system who are fighting for our kids, but they also need other people to stand up and fight for them,” he said. he declared.

Light said being elected to the school committee would be a way to give back to Foxborough.

So this is an opportunity for me to serve my community, to give back not only my time, but I hope to share a different point of view that I think has faded over the last five or ten years,” said he declared.

The former Patriots lineman operates the Light Foundationwhich offers leadership programs and scholarships for children.

Joseph A. Pires and current members Robert W. Canfield III and Brent D. Ruter are also candidates for positions on the school committee. Foxborough residents will be able to vote for two candidates in the city’s annual elections on May 2, according to Cutler.

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