Framingham School Committee attends 100% mask-free state conference – Framingham SOURCE

Thank goodness the members of the school committee and the superintendent are all well.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s a miracle.

The fact that they are all still safe after attending a huge superspreader event is almost unbelievable. No one was more shocked than me when I saw all those photos of the school committee and superintendents conference in Hyannis (#mascmass21) and saw no one following the mask guidelines.

Oh, except for a virtue selfie from the president. And for some reason, Framingham School Committee member Tiffany Maskell took all of her photos. Weird.

Wow, all those people in an enclosed space? Without masks!

The school committee members were hosting steak and shrimp dinners, handing out awards, and it really freaked me out! It was terrifying!

They were inside.

They were seated side by side.

Many of them didn’t look very well.

Yet there they were inside, day in and day out, having conversations, laughing, hugging, smiling with each other, all the things kids aren’t allowed to do at school, They did.

Children at school are not allowed to eat together, for safety reasons.

Children at school are not allowed to remove their masks, ever, for safety reasons.

Yet the school committee members and the superintendent were able to eat together, enjoy each other’s company without a mask, and they are still in charge. Thank God. What would we do without them?


Daniel Napiersky