Freeman running for the Lexington School Committee

My name is Larry Freeman and I’m delighted to be running as a member of the Lexington School Committee.

I’m the only candidate with kids in our schools—grades six and eight—which makes me not just a candidate, but an active speaker. I will build on LPS’s excellent foundation of academic rigor to inspire students to think critically and creatively, and to have the ability to problem-solve systematically. This includes supporting a curriculum that includes multiple perspectives and sources to prepare our students for success in a global, multicultural world.

All students deserve a comprehensive educational model that includes reliable and meaningful mental health support and stress management tools. Stress is inevitable and students need to be given the tools to manage stress and build resilience. As co-chair of the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), we create mentorship programs, as well as health and wellness programs by involving students. I look forward to continuing this model of student engagement in the school committee.

I have served on two PTOs, two Site Boards and LPS Community Contribution Teams. As a member of the City Assembly and a member of the Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee, I listen to stakeholder concerns, help manage the city budget, and help shape Lexington’s vision for the future. This work aligned perfectly with my expertise as a project manager in the financial and IT sectors. My responsibilities include cost-benefit analysis, assessing constraints and conditions and making adjustments accordingly.

My professional skills, my contribution to the community and my support for student-focused initiatives make me the best candidate to serve on the school committee. I ask you to vote for Larry Freeman for the school committee on March 7th. To learn more or contact me, please visit my website.

– Larry Freeman, Lexington School Board Candidate