Funtaj International School Wins MTN ASAP Quiz Competition –

Funtaj International School emerged as the winner of the MTN Anti Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) quiz contest, which took place on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

The competition was organized in collaboration with the MTN Foundation and the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to raise awareness among secondary school students in Nigeria about drug addiction.

The hotly contested competition saw representatives of Funtaj International School, Ramat Sakman, Oluwatoyinsola Adeyemi and Ataba Shehu emerge as winners in the first and second categories of the competition.

Intelligence Quotient School, Abuja and Government Secondary School, Ilorin finished second and third with 45 and 35 points respectively.

Commenting on the competition, Shadrack Haruna, Secretary of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), spoke on behalf of NDLEA Chairman, Mohammed Buba Marwa. In his opening remarks, he said, “For those of you who are part of this program, the lesson you need to pass on to your friends and peers is not to use drugs.

”As we know, drug use among young people in Nigeria is frightening. School-aged youths have been found to use all sorts of substances, including unconventional concoctions and the like.

This quiz contest will provide you with the knowledge and information to make healthier personal choices and avoid risky situations that may predispose you to drug use. Also, to develop skills to help you resist pressure to use drugs and encourage peer education.

Hailing the efforts of the ASAP quiz finalists, MTN Foundation Executive Secretary Odunayo Sanya urged students to leverage the knowledge and academic excellence instilled in them as they prepare to become ambassadors of school. She says,

“As you journey through life, I want you to treasure the memory of this competition. Whenever you are overwhelmed, remind yourself that you did it and you can do it again.

“We believe in you and that’s why the MTN Foundation is investing resources to make sure the message is clear. We want a drug-free Nigeria and we are counting on you to bring that to life. We believe that through this process we have brought you together as an ASAP Ambassador. We expect that, as is the custom with an ambassador, you will show it at home and in your schools. You will carry the message to your peers and join us in a drug-free nation.

Following the announcement of the results, the students of the Funtaj International school could not hide their joy. Students attributed their success to thorough reading, thorough research on the topic, and concentration.

The three finalists won prizes including phone tabs and learning support materials. The ten other participating schools were also not left out as they also received learning aids.