GDOE: After-school program staff to be paid this week | Guam News

Teachers and after-school program coordinators working with the Guam Department of Education’s Aspire after-school program are expected to receive their salaries this week after some delay.

It has been approximately 35 calendar days since the documents related to the payment of Aspire employees were submitted. Under their contract, GDOE has 20 business days after receiving the necessary paperwork to clear the afterschool program staff checks.

The Aspire program is funded by federal funds received during COVID-19, specifically the US bailout. However, GDOE was unable to timely pay its Aspire teachers and coordinators for their service during the third term.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez said, “Yeah, it’s about having the money to pay them before you get the federal refund. However, I understand that payment may be made mid-week or even earlier.

Fernandez said employees should be paid by Wednesday.

Although the program is funded by federal relief grants, the GDOE raises the money through local budget appropriations and is then reimbursed by the federal government.

However, the challenge of paying up front is finding the money in the local GDOE budget, which is already short by $45 million for this fiscal year.

The GDOE wanted to provide a strong after-school program in each of the 41 public schools, but there has been a lack of interest among teachers to teach outside normal school hours.

Due to the challenge, GDOE was unable to offer after-school programs such as ASPIRE in eight elementary schools and two middle schools.