HBCU Group Performance: Fairfield County School Program Encourages Kids to Stay in School

WINNSBORO, SC (WOLO) – According to the recent state report card, only 46% of students in the Fairfield County School District are pursuing a college education.

Only 14% of students were defined as college-ready, but the district has a program working to change that.

AVID is a program designed to challenge students to perform at their best. It means advancement by individual determination.

“For example, you take a C student who wants to be an A student,” said Alicia Graham, AVID administrator at Fairfield Middle School. “We take English, math, social studies and science and push kids to the next level with different strategies. Children arrive excited and eager to achieve their goals.

The program also addresses college and career readiness and hosts events each month.

“As someone who had a lot of fun in college, as much as I enjoyed the classes, I also enjoyed the college experience,” said County School District Superintendent Dr. JR Green. Fairfield.

This month’s event brought together marching bands from Benedict College and South Carolina State to perform for students.

“Hopefully this will get a few more of them interested in going to college and furthering their careers playing their instruments,” said Jamie Brunson, principal of Fairfield Middle School.

Principal Brunson says Fairfield has its fair share of talented musicians. Students need only look to the bands on display Friday as proof that they too can be part of a college band.

“I just greeted several of my students in both groups who came from Fairfield County. It’s good for them to see their big brothers or cousins ​​marching in the marching band and going to college. It ignites a fire in them,” Brunson said. “Hopefully that fire will be lit enough in them that they will follow in their footsteps and head into college or the job market.”

Whether through marching band, athletics, or academics, speakers encouraged students to consider Benedict or South Carolina State as an opportunity to further their education.

“So, Fairfield County, you have everything you have here to succeed. You can also get there from the state of South Carolina. I am proof of that,” said Col. Alexander Conyers, acting president of South Carolina State University.

“What we’re saying is we want every student to have a plan when they leave the stage. Whether it’s a four-year college, the military, a two-year institution, a trade or a job, we want you to have a plan,” said Dr. Green. “Sometimes this plan can involve a combination of things.”