Simon Herbert, Principal/CEO, GEMS International School – Al Khail: “I am delighted with this set of results, which once again places GEMS International School well above the world average for the average score of the ‘IB. Our students have worked so hard and shown extraordinary resilience. These students and their teachers have been commended by the Council of International Schools for their commitment and focus on learning over the past two years, despite the challenges of the pandemic. I want to reiterate that and I’m proud that they got the results and the placements they so deserve. Our school culture of respect, trust and ambition has been shaped by these graduates and we wish them the best in the next stage of their lives.

Adam Rooney, Diploma Coordinator, GEMS International School – Al Khail: “We are delighted with the results of our graduate students this year. The Class of 2022 has shown resilience throughout the pandemic years, and as the second cohort of GIS exams, they have exceeded all expectations, especially compared to the Class of 2019. They enter the world prepared for everything the next chapter brings.”

IB DIPLOMA Results 2022 2019
Number of candidates registered for the session 32 21
Number of topic entries in session 256,168
No. of candidates having passed the diploma 30 13
Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma 33.6 29.9
% of candidates having obtained more than 40 points 13% 0%
% of candidates who obtained more than 35 points 47% 15%
% of candidates who obtained more than 30 points 73% 54%
Highest degree points awarded to a candidate 43 38
Average mark obtained at school by candidates who passed the diploma 5.3 4.8
Total number of candidates excluded from statistics – you can add a note to clarify. 0 0

Name, age and nationality of student Actual results Academic destination(s) Academic course Number of years in school
Aliyy Hazem Ali Eloraby, 18, Egyptian 43 DePauw University, USA Mathematics and Physics 5
Tara Krikhaar, 18, Dutch 42 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland PPES (School of Social Sciences and Philosophy) 8
Abdallah Awwad, 18, Jordanian 40 Humanitas University, Italy Medicine and Surgery 5
Riad Nassri, 18, Syrian 40 NYU, Abu Dhabi, UAE Mechanical Engineering 6
Neila Benaname 39 Metropolitan University of Toronto, Canada Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration 6

Tara Krikhaar, student at GEMS International School – Al Khail, with an IBDP score of 42: “After receiving my results today, I am so proud to have achieved what I have worked so hard on for the past two years ! It really paid off, giving me the motivation to keep working hard to achieve my dreams in the future.

Abdallah Awwad, student at GEMS International School – Al Khail, with an IBDP score of 40: “I am proud of my academic results at the end of the DP and I am grateful to the friends and teachers who allowed me during my years of high school.

Riad Nassri, student at GEMS International School – Al Khail, with an IBDP score of 40: “GIS has been my home for six years. It taught me valuable life lessons and allowed me to experience true belonging to a welcoming community that truly cares about me. At GIS, I may have made mistakes but still succeeded in the end. I took pride in helping others and was constantly recognized for my commitments to the school. I was always encouraged to take risks and try new things, which put my resilience and curiosity as a student to good use. Without the constant support and guidance of my mentors and peers, I would not have gotten to where I am today. I was not only able to grow academically, but also personally. With countless opportunities to explore new interests, GIS prepared me to take the next step in my intellectual journey – and for that I will always be grateful.


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