Letter to the Editor: Regarding School Committee Candidate Kelly Horton

~ Submitted by Patty Carluccio

I’m writing to support Kelly Horton for the school committee. I met Kelly last year and am impressed with her willingness to lead. She is tenacious and a kind and warm person.

I am particularly impressed with his advocacy last year for the many families who wanted their children to have safe in-person learning. She also supported families who felt differently and were more comfortable with remote learning. For me, Kelly has proven that she is a true leader because she understands the multiple sides of an issue, even though what she thinks is best for her family is different from what other families want.

I also think it is also important that the school committee has several members with younger children in our schools. Kelly has 3 children, ages 4, 7 and 10. For years to come, she will take the pulse of what is happening in the schools before the meetings. She will also be accessible to speak with parents at school events, on the sidelines and around town.

The best committees have members with multiple points of view who are willing to engage and discuss the issues that concern them. Kelly has proven to be knowledgeable about issues and I believe she will be a great addition to the Bedford school committee.