Letter: Using Elections to Bring Change to the School Council | Opinion

Editor-in-chief, city dweller;

Seven months ago I wrote an article published in the Eagle Tribune – “School committee left parents out of control over start times”, July 12, 2021 – that ran through school committee subterfuge of Andover by imposing modified school start times on parents in the city. Whatever one thinks of the substance of the committee’s decision, it’s hard not to see duplicity in its underhanded process.

The municipal election on March 22 gives us a chance to make a real change within the committee, with two positions to be filled. There is no dissonance in agreeing with many committee policies and decisions (I do) and concluding that the committee has become insular and closed-minded. The overly friendly relationship of its members leads to groupthink and a committee that is at best impervious to information that contradicts its agenda.

The committee reached this point by selecting its members and leading them through the election as golden children. Please do your homework. Find out what the candidates stand for, why they want to run, and how they made that decision. Don’t let the committee get carried away with more of the same. Our children and our city desperately need thoughtful, independent voices on the school board.

Nicholas Stellakis,

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