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Limestone Community School Committee finds solutions to lead in water


The Limestone Community School Committee responded to concerns and allegations the superintendent waited months before telling the public about high lead levels in the school’s drinking water.

According to the Maine Drinking Water Program, schools are responsible for providing public notice of lead test results within 5 days of receiving them. At a school committee meeting on Wednesday evening, school superintendent William Dobbins said he was unaware of any deadline. He said he felt the information had to go through the Committee before it was released to the public.

“If I missed a deadline, it wasn’t intentional. I have the best interests of the school children. There was a communication error on the part of the newspaper, which must be corrected. ‘ said Dobbins.

“Test results are test results, we see them won’t change those numbers, so I think they need to be released within that 5-day window.” – Amanda Smith – Limestone School Board Member

Community members and faculty from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, which shares the building with Limestone Community School, were on hand for public comment. Dobbins and the committee have been working to find solutions to affected areas of the school, prioritizing efforts to repair affected devices that are used the most by students and staff and have developed a plan to notify the public of the future test results.

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