Livelihood and Sustainability Education for the Next Generation at International School Ruamrudee Ratchapruek Campus (RISR)

Livelihood and Sustainability Education for the Next Generation at International School Ruamrudee Ratchapruek Campus (RISR)

Deputy Principal of RIS Ratchapruek School, Ms. Sudarat Tanattanawin, presents Governor of Nonthaburi, Hon. and Ethics from Ruamrudee International School at Ratchapruek Campus in Nonthaburi.

On March 24, 2022, Ruamrudee International School, Ratchapruek Campus, hosted the Governor of Nonthaburi, Hon. Suchin Chaichumsak, Deputy Governor, Hon. Rachan Soonhua, Commissioner of Education, Nonthaburi Province and his team to see how RISR has incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. in the school’s curriculum and designed strategic initiatives to create innovative approaches to education.

RIS Ratchapruek Principal and Director of Learning, Ms. Patricia Martinez, and the School’s Deputy Principal, Sudarat Tanattanawin, presented the school’s approach to creating a research culture that supports a progression of learning. appropriate learning for 21st century learners. The Governor, Deputy Governor, Education Commissioner and team then toured the school and met with students and staff, seeing evidence of RIS Ratchapruek’s commitment to holistic education and how the sustainable development of the United Nations SDGs, at the heart of the RISR culture, must be systematically studied and implemented.

The school recognized the Governor and his team as “Partners for the Future” in building relationships to support innovations in education. This was the Deputy Governor’s second visit, as he met with students and accepted donations on behalf of the Thai Red Cross in February 2022.

Governor of Nonthaburi, Hon. Suchin Chaichumsak, Deputy Governor, Hon. Rachan Soonhua, Education Commissioner of Nonthaburi Province, and their teams visit RIS Ratchapruek to discuss 21st century education initiatives supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Nonthaburi.

RIS Ratchapruek opened in August 2019. It currently enrolls students in pre-K through 8th grade and opens 9th grade in August 2022. The high school will offer the American High School Diploma with a STREAM approach to solving issues, including science, technology, hobbies, engineering, arts and language, and math classes, as well as internships and service-learning opportunities. Advanced Placement (AP) classes will be offered initially, with plans to gain approval from the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer the IB Diploma Program in the future.

RISR will provide students with a unique capstone experience, where they will extend their learning into the community and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and values ​​that have been fostered through their RISR education. RISR anticipates that the capstone experience will be a key differentiator for high school students in college admissions processes, embracing 21st century skills and practicing the ability to think globally, inspired by goals. United Nations Sustainable Development Program, and to act locally to make a difference. The high school curriculum offers SDG-aligned course paths to enhance learning opportunities and inspire students to apply their learning in meaningful ways, on campus and off campus.

The Deputy Governor of Nonthaburi, Hon. Rachan Soonhua meets with students from Ruamrudee International School Ratchapruek to accept donations on behalf of the Thai Red Cross.

Ruamrudee Ratchapruek International School (RISR), as part of the RIS network of three campuses, emulates the RIS tradition of educational excellence and provides an exceptional education to families in Nonthaburi and surrounding areas. RISR takes a progressive and innovative approach to education, emphasizing global citizenship and character development in a multicultural community. Ruamrudee means “union of hearts” in Thai, which perfectly reflects the school’s philosophy of welcoming all children into an environment of care and compassion. Today, RIS is one of Thailand’s leading international schools and is a model of excellence and innovation in global education. RIS graduates go on to study at top colleges and universities around the world, and many of them get scholarships to do so. RIS alumni continue their success in higher education and forge impressive and impactful careers.

RIS Ratchapruek is located on Bang Kruai Sai Noi Road in Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi. Families can call 02 030 0533 to make a private appointment. Applications are now being accepted for the 2022-2023 school year beginning in August.