Looking for an IB International School in New York?

While adults spend their working day in New York’s financial district, little minds are busy with research-based learning. Located directly across from the New York Stock Exchange is Pine Street School. The International School of New York caters for kindergarten (year two) through eighth grade. It is the first school in the city to offer the International Baccalaureate Elementary Program as well as Mandarin and Spanish Immersion.

Director of Admissions, ROSA NÚÑEZ, tells us why the school would attract parents who might move to New York. Especially one that prepares children for the future using inquiry-based learning, technology and multilingualism.

What inspired the founding of the school in New York?

The school opened in 2014 with some of our youngest students; they are now in their third and fourth year. Our founding families have a passionate commitment to multilingualism, student agency, mastery of technology, and forward-looking education. Our goal as a community is to create a safe and caring environment where students optimize their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

What makes the school unique?

Student agency is fundamental to our school culture. We believe that every child is born a perfect learner. They possess an enthusiastic curiosity, a relentless desire to solve problems, and a fearless interest in new experiences.

Our job as a school is to nurture these innate qualities by following the resources, opportunities, patterns and challenges that encourage this instinctive desire to understand, grow and contribute.

Tell us about the curriculum.

Our Preschool 2 (Kindergarten) and Preschool 3 classes combine Montessori and IB PYP. Together they develop fundamental understandings and, most importantly, skills of independence, inquiry and collaboration. We add a dose of Reggio Emilia to infuse learning with art and creative expression.Pine Street School international New York City preschool students write inquiry-based learning

As students grow with us, from early childhood (Kindergarten 2, Preschool 3, and Kindergarten 4) through elementary (Kindergarten through Grade 5), they transition into a full PYP program. This is where they are expected to become active participants in their own learning.

Our boutique college in New York will be small by design to serve students in grades 6-8, beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. The program will follow Common Ground’s collaborative learning ecosystem; it will focus on the development of each student within a safe and supportive learning community that promotes the growth of their academic, social, and executive skills.

We also offer dual language immersion where students receive daily instruction in English and their target language, either Mandarin or Spanish.

What does a day at school look like?

Students are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, work collaboratively, make meaningful connections, reflect and act. While stimulating their natural curiosity for the world around them.

Pine Street School two students in class practice inquiry-based learning at international school in New York

Inquiry-based learning is nurtured from the age of two and cultivated in increasingly advanced processes year by year. As a rule, in first or second year, our students are autonomous in the development of their own complex investigations. They also demonstrate impressive self-management and critical thinking skills. We are not a typical “composite school” where students spend days without leaving the school grounds.

Our school is in the original New York City. It is surrounded by tangible artifacts and historical monuments that have changed the world. We are one block from Wall Street, a short walk from Tribeca, the Hudson River, the Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown.

Beyond our neighborhood, we have the vast resources of New York and its outlying neighborhoods. They are full of arts and languages, international organizations, museums and other cultural institutions eager to open their doors to our students.

Meet the Pine Street School team from home

Parents can learn more about Pine Street School in New York, its research-based learning program, and its team through teacher-led workshops the school holds regularly. These help parents familiarize themselves with the school’s international curriculum and the latest educational research. Visit pinestreetschool.com/events-and-calendar to find out when the next workshop is and to register.

Pine Street School
25 Pine Street, New York
(212) 2352325

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